Into the Woods

Fall 2007
Mainstage Production
Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine
Date of run: 
Tuesday, November 14, 2006 (All day) to Friday, November 17, 2006 (All day)
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Into the Woods is the imaginative account of what happens when the lives of new and old fairy­tale characters dramatically and humorously come together. Cinderella, Jack (of bean­stalk fame), Little Red Ridinghood, and the Baker and his Wife set out for the forest on a quest to find “happily ever after.” Along the way they meet Rapunzel, a Wicked Witch, a lascivious Wolf, vengeful Giants, a couple of charming Princes, and their own destiny. With wit and wisdom, the authors have given us a parable about the loss of innocence, the joys and sorrows of adulthood, and the price paid for getting the things you really want.
Summary courtesy of Publishers Weekly.
Glynis Rigsby
Saskia Leggett
Stage Manager: 
Ashley Rodbro
Musical Director: 
Andrew Resnick
Lighting Designer: 
S Ryan Schmidt
Set Designer: 
Wilson Chin
Sound Designer: 
Sunil Rajan
Costume Designer: 
Kate Cusack
Graphic Designer: 
Jacob Liberman
Props Master: 
Hannah Cousins
Master Electrician: 
Lauren Bremen
Technical Director: 
Bryan Hunter
Member & Role: 
Emma Griffin -­ Associate Technical Director
Reed Abrahamson -­ Head Rigger
Wendy Parson ­- Wigs
Becky Bicks -­ Assistant Producer
Jessica Fried ­- Assistant Producer
Hilary Faxon ­- Assistant Producer
Emmett Zackheim ­- Assistant Producer­ - Sets
Gary Jaffe -­ Assistant Producer­ - Costumes
Samo Gale ­- Assistant Set Designer
Rachel Sturm ­- Assistant Lighting Designer
Patrick Dewechter ­- Assistant Sound Designer
Elisabeth Star -­ Assistant Costume Designer
Elizabeth Rodrick -­ Assistant Costume Designer
Blair Lanier ­- Assistant Master Electrician
Oren Stevens -­ Assistant Master Electrician
Stephen Brandes ­- Assistant Master Electrician
Sarah Hirsch ­- Assistant Musical Director
Ava Tattelman Parnes ­- Assistant Musical Director
Gwynedd Davis -­ Assistant Rigger
Alfredo Molinas ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Benjamin Bernard -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Amanda Vandenberg ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Nick Barton -­ Narrator/ Mysterious Man
Danielle Frimer -­ Cinderella
Sam Bolen -­ Jack
Jessica Poter ­- Jack's Mother
Brian Earp ­- The Baker
Sarah Minkus ­- Baker's Wife
Nicole Villenevue -­ Cinderella's Stepmother
Alexandra Trow -­ Florinda
Tessa Williams -­ Lucinda
Mallory Baysek -­ Little Red Riding Hood
Felicia Ricci ­- The Witch
Emma Freeman ­- Cinderella's Mother
Leah Anderson -­ Granny/Giant
Allyson Lieberman -­ Rapunzel
Miles Jacoby -­ Rapunzel's Prince/Wolf
Matthew George ­- Cinderella's Prince
Matthew Strother ­- Steward
Dan Amerman ­- Cow
Assistant Director: 
Maggie Burrows
Orchestra Member & Role: 
Andrew Resnick -­ Conductor
Bobby Gibbs ­- Bass
Liz Sebesky ­- Bassoon
Isaac Selya ­- Cello
Erin Coffey -­ Clarinet
Yoona Kim -­ Flute/Piccolo
Justin Quam -­ Horn I
Derek Fujio -­ Horn II
Jordan Jacks -­ Percussion
Zak Sandler ­- Piano
Sarah Hirsch -­ Synthesizer
Kevin Green -­ Trumpet
Jonathan Bregman -­ Viola
Kensho Watanabe ­- Violin I
Bonaire Le -­ Violin II
Tara Streich­-Tilles