The Winter’s Tale

Fall 2009
Experimental Production
William Shakespeare
Date of run: 
Thursday, October 1, 2009 (All day) to Saturday, October 3, 2009 (All day)
Yale Repertory Theatre See map
One of Shakespeare’s last plays, The Winter’s Tale is a story divided by time and space. A king with a tyrannical imagination destroys his family, and sixteen years later his long­-lost daughter falls in love with a foreign prince. In the cosmological sense of law and order of the tragic first half and the chaotic wonderland of the pastoral­-comic second half, Shakespeare asserts his power as a playwright with a sense of meta-theatricality which is practically unmatched in the entire Shakespearean canon. 
This production of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale will treat the play as a two-­part story, divided by time and space. The first part takes place in Sicilia, a prehistoric-­tsarist kingdom bound by a claustrophobic ritualism and starkness. The second part takes place in the futuristic wonderland Bohemia, full of pickpockets, shepherds, and punk rock. Uniting the two are the cosmological forces of fate and prescience and the richly sentient and self­-aware ensemble.
Cooper Lewis
David Martinez
Stage Manager: 
Rachel London
Lighting Designer: 
Daisy Long
Set Designer: 
Sofia Ortiz
Sound Designer: 
Taylour Chang
Costume Designer: 
Elizabeth Palazzolo
Props Master: 
Bianca Rodriguez
Master Electrician: 
Charlie Croom
Technical Director: 
Alex Hirsch
Sound Engineer: 
Luke Kanter
Member & Role: 
Daniel Suarez ­- Artistic Consultant
Gwynedd Davis ­- Head Rigger
Christine Kwon ­- Paint Charge
Jordan Marschke ­- Associate Stage Manager
Clyde Edwards ­- Assistant Producer
Meredith Davis ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Ming­-Toy Taylor ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Melissa Cail -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Peter Gelman -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Seinne Fleming -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Amelia Urry -­ Assistant Master Electrician
Jon­-Michael Saenz -­ Assistant Master Electrician
Samantha Hansen -­ Assistant Props Master
Amanda Chang ­- Assistant Sound Engineer
Luke Kanter -­ Assistant Rigger
Danielle Tomson -­ Makeup Designer
Anna Kellar ­- Sets Crew
Andrew Freeburg ­- Sets Crew
Eun Namkung -­ Sets Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Faizaan Kisat -­ Antigonus/Ensemble Shepherd
Derek DiMartini ­- Archidamus/Jailer/Cleomenes
Raphael Shapiro -­ Autolycus
Emma Griffin -­ Bear/Sentencing Officer
Alex Kramer ­- Camillo
Tom Sanchez ­- Clown
Susan Steinman ­- Dancer
Carly DeFeis -­ Dancer
Sarah Matthes -­ Emilia/Dorcas
Alex Caron - First Lord/Ensemble Shepherd
Alex Steiner ­- First Servant/Third Gentleman
Hunter Wolk ­- Florizel/Dion
Willa Fitzgerald -­ Hermione
Jacob Liberman ­- Leontes
Chloe Sarbib -­ Mamillius/Mariner/Second Gentleman
Mila Hursey ­- Mopsa/Lady-­in-­Waiting/Second Servant
Mike Rose -­ Old Shepherd
Lizzie Donger -­ Paulina
Sarah DeLappe -­ Perdita
Will Turner -­ Polixenes
Assistant Director: 
Evin Grody
Orchestra Member & Role: 
Zach Fuhrer -­ Composer,
Hazel Scher -­ Drums,
Daniel Spector ­- Bass,
Nolan Green ­- Guitar,
Zach Fuhrer -­ Keyboard,
Micah Hendler -­ Drums
Arden Rogow-­Bales
Nick Murphy