Utility Monster

Spring 2011
Experimental Production
Date of run: 
Thursday, February 17, 2011 (All day) to Saturday, February 19, 2011 (All day)
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Utility Monster opens with 15­-year­-old Claude giving a PowerPoint presentation about how five dollars can save an African child’s life. And about Led Zeppelin. But mostly about the Africans. Soon he meets Sadie, who brings him home to her wealthy family: a mother, Ruth, who has pancreatic cancer, and a brother, Caleb, who loves his little sister, his electronic band and smoking pot. Together, Sadie and Claude hatch an ill­conceived plan to secretly sell paintings done by her late father and to give the proceeds to Oxfam International. Meanwhile, Ruth goes to the hospital to struggle with her illness, her book­-in­-progress, and her strange relationship with her husband’s brother, leaving the household in Caleb’s hands. Shit goes down and things get serious…but it’s funny!
A 15 year old boy from Queens, who’s constantly astounded by new novelties. Enthusiastic and believable, Claude is the kind of kid who is both highly impressionable and highly skilled at inducing empathy. He’s quirky, steadfastly and unknowingly utilitarian, obsessed with taco bell, and largely alone in the city. He is not not cool. He should also be hilarious.
A 15 year old girl from The Upper East Side. She’s confident and careless at school and attempts edge, but she’s definitely naive. Despite her instability, Sadie is unequivocally mature, but also very clearly the youngest child. She has no idea what she wants to do with her life but embraces apathy in the fashionable way. She knows she’s pretty, and for a long period of time hung around that group of girls. She is enthusiastic and energetic and isn’t quite lonely, so much as she is bored and scared that her mother might die.
23 years old, Sadie’s older brother. He’s a hipster to a certain extent but also gets really excited about things in a way that sort of clashes with that style. Caleb went to college but is now attempting to promote his electronic band. Fundamentally warm-hearted and childish, Caleb is a good older brother when he wants to be. He wishes he knew what he wanted ­ but having money his whole life has complicated his perspective. He should also be hilarious.
54-­year-­old mother to Sadie and Caleb. She loves her children (and dog) passionately and feels they are being largely injusticed by the fate of first one, and now both of their parents. Ruth met her (dead) husband in art school and spent much of her life in jealous love with his success. She is an intellectual at heart, motivated to finish a book she no longer believes in because of her ideas about eternity and contribution. She is thoughtful, loving and incessantly amused by her children.
Pragmatic and earnest uncle to Sadie and Caleb and brother-­in-­law to Ruth, in his mid­-50’s. When his brother died, Alan largely left the family alone ­ especially considering his repressed, but not overwhelming feelings for Ruth. He’s understanding and unjustifiably insecure, so he takes pleasure in his bus
Chloe Sarbib
Melissa Cail
Member & Role: 
Marina Keegan
Denice Cox
Alex Hirsch
Daisy Long
Bea Koch
Luke Bradford
Jacob Paul
Jesse Williams
Andrew Freeburg
Jane Long
Sam Genecin
Rebecca Miller
Jacqueline Feldman
David Ludwig
Henry Gottfried
Maria Altyeva
Christopher Bakes
Alex Caron
Jake Eliasberg
Aaron Seriff-Cullick
Zach Bell
Sarah Maslin
Radhika Koul
Sara Stalla
Irene Casey
Debdeep Nath
Adam Goone
Lara Boyle
Juliet DeButts
Levi DeLuke
Ava Tattelman Parnes
Stephanie Brandon
David Demres
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Adriel Saporta
Keith Rubin
Mark Sonnenblick
Michael Rosen
Willa Fitzgerald