Sweeney Todd

Fall 2011
Mainstage Production
Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler
Date of run: 
Wednesday, November 16, 2011 (All day) to Saturday, November 19, 2011 (All day)
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Sweeney Todd is timeless. Take it from the man himself when he sings: “This history of the world, my sweet, is who gets eaten and who gets to eat.” And in this story everyone has a voracious appetite for love, for sex, for money, for revenge. The collision of those desires turns out to be both horrendously funny and just plain horrendous. And then there’s the score. One of the grandest, darkest, sharpest ever written for the living stage. Come see what it can be in the hands of the Dramat. Attend the tale.
Tom Ridgely
Melissa Cail
Stage Manager: 
Meredith Davis
Musical Director: 
Adam Begley
Lighting Designer: 
Greg Goff
Set Designer: 
Jason Simms
Sound Designer: 
Sharath Patel
Costume Designer: 
Mike Floyd
Graphic Designer: 
Max Pommier
Props Master: 
Maggie Cooper
Master Electrician: 
Hillary Luong
Technical Director: 
Jeffrey Zhu,
Margaret Ditre
Sound Engineer: 
Stephen Marsh,
Kara Brower
Member & Role: 
Jen Matichuk -­ Head Rigger
Alex Trow ­- Dialect Coach
Nikola Champlin ­- Paint Charge
Micah Hendler ­- Choirmaster
Ana Milosevic -­ Associate Costume Designer
Juliet DeButts ­- Associate Stage Manager
Jake Eliasberg -­ Associate Stage Manager
Stuart Teal ­- Associate Master Electrician
Jonah Coe­-Scharff -­ Assistant Scenic Designer
Laurel German -­ Assistant Lighting Designer
Bassel Habbab ­- Assistant Costume Designer
Mark Moore ­- Assistant Sound Designer
Tim Laciano ­- Assistant Music Director
Christina Hull ­- Assistant Producer (Sets)
Dara Eliacin -­ Assistant Producer
Alexi Sergeant ­- Assistant Producer
Otis Blum -­ Assistant Producer
Ali Abarca -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Charley Locke ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Jen Mulrow ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Natalia Forbath -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Jonathan Lian -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Charles Margossian -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Danielle Trubow -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Catherine Chiocchi - Assistant Stage Manager
Geoffrey Smith -­ Assistant Master Electrician
Emma Hills ­- Assistant Rigger
Amelia Urry -­ Assistant Rigger
Amelia Urry -­ Assistant Rigger
Emily Monjaraz - Hair/Make-Up design
David Shatan­-Pardo - Set cCew
Zeke Blackwell ­- Sets Crew
Seth Lifland ­- Sets Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Brennan Caldwell ­- Sweeney Todd
Peregrine Heard -­ Emily Brennan
Olivia Scicolone ­- Mrs Lovett
Laurel Durning-­Hammond -­ Johanna
Andrew Maillet ­- Anthony
Charlotte Thun-­Hohenstein -­ Lucy/Beggar Woman
Gabe Greenspan ­- Judge Turpin
Noah Bokat­Lindell ­- Beadle
Henry Gottfried -­ Pirelli
McKay Nield -­ Tobias
Nathaniel Dolquist -­ Ensemble/Fogg
Nathaniel Barnett ­- Ensemble/Birdseller
Kate Heaney -­ Ensemble
Mary Kleshefsky -­ Ensemble
Bryce Wiatrak ­- Ensemble
Spencer Klavan ­- Ensemble
Meredith Redick -­ Ensemble
Lucy Cabrera -­ Ensemble
Catherine Camp -­ Ensemble
Jeremy Weiss -­ Ensemble
Jamie Bogyo -­ Ensemble
Assistant Director: 
Ethan Karetsky
Irene Casey