Side Show

Spring 2006
Commencement Musical
Bill Russell and Henry Krieger
Date of run: 
Friday, May 19, 2006 (All day) to Sunday, May 21, 2006 (All day)
University Theater See map

Side Show is based on the true story of Violet and Daisy Hilton, Siamese twins who became vaudeville stars in England and America in the 1930’s. Set amidst the world of the freak show and the splendor of the great vaudeville era, the show is a moving portrait of two women whose situation brought them attention, fame, and an unexpected encounter with love. The New York Times called Side Show “daring, enthralling…[with] passion, empathy and directness [that is] reflected in the tidal pull of the music and the winning simplicity of the lyrics. Tremendously moving.”

Andy Sandberg
Alex Hemmer
Stage Manager: 
Eve Burstein
Musical Director: 
Andrew Resnick
Lighting Designer: 
Katie Reynolds
Set Designer: 
Alice Tai
Sound Designer: 
Eric Sauerhoff
Costume Designer: 
Celia Muller
Graphic Designer: 
Alice Tai
Props Master: 
Leah Franqui
Master Electrician: 
Dan Swett
Technical Director: 
Maile Borthwick
Kate Lewandowski
Sound Engineer: 
Liam Andrew
Member & Role: 
Constantine Lignos - Head Rigger
Reed Abrahamson - Paints Charge
Constantine Lignos - Associate Sound Designer
Edward Dunar ­ Lunch Admiral
Eva Bitran - Associate Producer
Anya Kaplan-Seem - Associate Producer
Justin Hatchimonji - Associate Music Director
Bryan Hunter - Associate Technical Director
Michael Linares - Associate Props Master
Emmy Harris - Assistant Producer
Andrew Law - Assistant Producer
Saskia Leggett - Assistant Producer
Stephen Hopkins - Assistant Music Director
Jessica Fried - Assistant Stage Manager
Sean Pool - Assistant Stage Manager
Stella Powell­-Jones - Assistant Stage Manager
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Hannah Corrigan - Daisy Hilton
Felicia Ricci - Violet Hilton
Matthew Thunell - Terry Connor
Casey Breves - Buddy Foster
Jay Frisby - Jake
Sam Frank - The Boss
Valerie Steinberg - Fortune Teller
Megan Loughran - Dolly Dimples
Nicole Villeneuve - Snake Lady
Joanna Powell - Albino Girl
Maia Karo - Fire Eater
Rebecca Blum - Harem Girl
Becky Dinerstein - Harem Girl
Jenny McClain - Harem Girl
T. D. Smith - Reptile Man
Andrew Ash - Fakir
Andy Wagner - Sheik
Brian Mummert - Geek
Erich Matthes - Roustabout
Omar Rouchon - Roustabout
Lucas O'Connor - Bearded Lady
Assistant Director: 
Emmett Zackheim
Orchestra Member & Role: 
Andrew Resnick - Conductor
Hemes Huang - Violin
Bonaire Le - Violin
Ashley Nyquist - Violin
Dan Lewis - Cello
Isaac Selya - Cello
Stephen Chen - Reed I
Rita Always - Reed II
Derek Fujio - Reed III
Erin Coffey - Reed IV
Yoona Kim - Flute
Joshua Min - Flute
Elizabeth Sebesky - Bassoon
Drew Mazurek - Trumpet I
Justin Hatchimonji - Trumpet II
Kevin Green - Trumpet III
Monica Cowan - Horn
Mike Truskowski - Trombone I
Jonathan Hartman - Trombone II
Stephen Hopkins - Keyboard
Yotam Barkai - Synthesizer
Alex Lemon - Guitar
Andrew Mangino - Bass
Ashley Jackson - Harp
Ethan Green - Drums
Annie Lin - Percussion
Elizabeth Sebesky
Kat Ogletree