Side Man

Spring 2006
Experimental Production
Warren Leight
Date of run: 
Thursday, February 16, 2006 (All day) to Saturday, February 18, 2006 (All day)
Yale Repertory Theatre See map
Warren Leight’s Side Man, winner of the 1999 Tony Award for Best Play, is a comedic family drama in the tradition of Williams and O’Neill set against the backdrop of the 1950’s New York jazz scene. The play tells the story of the Glimmer family: the prodigious but deeply troubled trumpet-playing father Gene, failed flutist mother Terry, and son Clifford, left to shoulder the family’s burdens, from whose perspective the play is narrated. Four other characters—three of Gene’s bandmates and a waitress Patsy—make their way in and out of the story. In tracing the slow demise of the Glimmers in synch with the gradual decline of the great era of jazz, Leight captures a remarkable period in the twentieth century. Like a Miles Davis solo, Side Man is at once entertaining, evocative, and haunting.
Scott Chaloff
Alex Hemmer
Stage Manager: 
Eva Bitran
Lighting Designer: 
Anya Kaplan­-Seem
Set Designer: 
Alice Tai
Sound Designer: 
Liam Andrew
Costume Designer: 
Alice Shyy
Graphic Designer: 
Alice Tai
Props Master: 
Eric Kubo
Danielle Torres
Master Electrician: 
Ian Tattersall
Technical Director: 
Alison Adams
Elysa Chao
Sound Engineer: 
Eric Sauerhoff
Member & Role: 
Alyssa Simmons - Assistant Stage Manager
Jessica Fried -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Yotam Barkai ­- Associate Producer
Rachel Plattus ­- Assistant Producer
Sarah Minkus ­- House Manager
Eve Burstein ­- Costumes Crew
Michael Huang -­ Costumes Crew
Emily Koh -­ Costumes Crew
Andrew Law -­ Costumes Crew
Reed Abrahamson ­- Sets Crew
Maile Borthwick -­ Sets Crew
Amanda Feuerstein ­- Sets Crew
Jonathan Goldman -­ Sets Crew
Doug Hummel­-Price -­ Sets Crew
Kate Lewandowski ­- Sets Crew
Sarah Marks -­ Sets Crew
Ashley Miles -­ Sets Crew
Rachel Plattus -­ Sets Crew
Emmett Zackheim -­ Sets Crew
Jennica Best ­- Electrics Crew
Valerie Cervantes -­ Electrics Crew
Andrew Chittenden -­ Electrics Crew
Laura Edwards -­ Electrics Crew
Greta Fails ­- Electrics Crew
Nana­-Aba Nduom -­ Electrics Crew
Katie Reynolds -­ Electrics Crew
Caroline Van Zile ­- Electrics Crew
Emmett Zackheim ­- Electrics Crew
Gabriel Diaz -­ Sound Crew
Chris Ellington -­ Sound Crew
Ted Gordon -­ Sound Crew
Constantine Lignos -­ Sound Crew
Hector Sueiro ­- Sound Crew
Greta Fails -­ Light Board Operator
Eric Sauerhoff -­ Sound Board Operator
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Steven Kochevar - Clifford
Miranda Jones - Terry
Iris Insogna - Patsy
Nick Barton - Gene
Josh Odsess­-Rubin - Ziggy
Michael Rucker - Al
Lee Seymour - Jonesy
Orchestra Member & Role: 
Kevin Green - Trumpet
Lily Rothman