The Shadow Box

Spring 2008
Freshman Show
Michael Cristofer
Date of run: 
Thursday, February 21, 2008 (All day) to Saturday, February 23, 2008 (All day)
Yale Repertory Theatre See map
The Shadow Box tells the stories of three individuals, Joe, Brian, and Felicity, who all suffer from a terminal illness. Their stories are told through a series of interviews which are designed to help them cope with their illnesses and also to facilitate research regarding the death process. They have all been moved out of the hospital into a more hospice­like setting (known as “The Cottages”) to live out their remaining days. Over the course of the play, the families of the three individuals arrive at The Cottages, and the following stories are revealed:
* Joe is a middle­aged father who has come to accept the fact that he is going to die. However, his wife, Maggie, still has to come to terms with his mortality and must also tell their teenage son, Steve, about their father’s condition.
* Brian is bisexual professor, probably in his fifties. At one point in his life, he was married to Beverly, but they got divorced. Brian is now with Mark, his male lover, although he and Beverly remain close friends. However, Beverly has turned to drinking, and, when she arrives, finds herself at odds with the sober Mark. 
* Felicity is a very elderly woman and is being cared for by her daughter Agnes. Although she believes that her other daughter, Claire, is coming as well, Agnes reveals to The Interviewer that Claire died many years ago in an accident. However, she has been keeping the myth of her sister alive by writing letters to Felicity and presenting them as if they were from Claire.
Gabriel Seidman
Kate Gonzales
Stage Manager: 
Gwynedd Davis
Lighting Designer: 
Daisy Long
Set Designer: 
Ric Hernandez
Sound Designer: 
Taylour Chang
Costume Designer: 
Claire Seaver
Makeup Designer: 
Rachel Morgan,
Veronica Gordon
Graphic Designer: 
Ying Sze Pek
Props Master: 
Amanda Vandenberg,
Mariel Goddu
Master Electrician: 
SBK 'Spud' Weintraub
Technical Director: 
John Wolff
Sound Engineer: 
Sean Owczarek
Member & Role: 
Micah Hendler -­ Composer
Andrew Maillet ­- Composer
Katy Obr -­ Assistant Producer
Elle Ramel -­ Assistant Producer
Nikila Sri­Kumar -­ Assistant Producer
Martha Burson ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Eleni Christidis -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Ava Tattelman Parnes -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Maclovia Quintana ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Chloe Searcy -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Laura Vrana -­ Assistant Lighting Designer
Megan Gilbert ­- Assistant Master Electrician
Samantha Ellner -­ Associate Props Master
Annie Doud -­ Costumes Crew
Chloe Gordon -­ Costumes Crew
Rachel Morgan -­ Costumes Crew
Nikila Sri­Kumar -­ Costumes Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Matthew George -­ Joe
Emma Barash -­ Maggie
Justin Petrillo -­ Steve
Matthew McCollum -­ Brian
Miles Jacoby ­- Mark
Eve Binder -­ Beverly
Sarah Mich ­- Felicity
Maya Seidler -­ Agnes
Colin Murphy -­ Interviewer
Assistant Director: 
Kate Berman
Clara Lucio
Jeanne Snow
Gabriella Zeugin