The Secret Garden

Spring 2005
Commencement Musical
Date of run: 
Friday, May 20, 2005 (All day) to Sunday, May 22, 2005 (All day)
University Theatre See map

The Secret Garden follows the story of young Mary Lennox, who is sent to Misselthwaite Manor after losing her mother and father in a cholera epidemic in colonial India. Mary is a sour child, lonely and spoiled. After arriving at the isolated and abandoned mansion in northern England, however, Mary begins to learn what it means to be self-sufficient and perhaps even happy. The Manor is full of mysteries, including ghost-like howling at night, hundreds of unexplored rooms, and a magical garden. With the help of some new-found friends, Mary discovers many of the secrets which Misselthwaite has long kept hidden, and even reunites her disenchanted Uncle Archie and his melancholy son, Colin.
The Secret Garden is an enchanting story beautifully crafted by the Pulitzer and Tony-awarding-winning playwright Marsha Norman. Full of haunting and unforgettable music, it has captivated the imaginations of audiences all over the world for over a decade. Intense stage magic, breathtaking locales and complicated characters make this musical one of the most unique and inspired pieces of theatre out there.


Mary Lennox—A sour young girl who is used to being served and having her own way. Neither pretty nor agreeable, but quite smart and still young enough to change her ways. Age 10.
Archibald Craven—Kind and generous at heart, Archie is haunted by the ghost of his late wife, Lily. He cannot face his old life, and so he lives transiently, wandering from place to place. Late 30s/Early 40s.
Dr. Craven—The younger of the two Cravens, Neville sacrificed his medical practice to care for the ailing Colin Craven, Archie’s son. He also supervises his brother’s affairs while he is abroad. Late 30s.
Lily—Archie’s lovely wife, who watches over her family even in the afterlife.
Martha—A spirited young housemaid who is completely oblivious to gentrified manners. She loves children and speaks in a broad Yorkshire accent.
Dickon—A mysterious young man who seems to have the ability to charm all living things. Martha’s brother. Also speaks Yorkshire. Tenor.
Colin Craven—A spoiled young wretch, Colin is Archie’s only son. He has been bed-ridden his entire life, has been told that he is going to die. Age 10.
Ben Weatherstaff—An unpleasant old gardener who was fond of Lily. 50s or 60s.
Mrs. Medlock—The Craven’s equally unpleasant head-maid. 40s.
Mrs. Winthrop—An arrogant headmistress of a Scottish boarding school. 30s or 40s.
Major Shelley—One of Albert’s old friends. He accompanies Mary from London to Yorkshire.
Mrs. Shelley—Major Shelley’s disdainful wife.
Rose Lennox—Mary’s vain and selfish mother. Never spent much time with her daughter.
Albert Lennox—Mary’s father, who loved Mary but was usually too busy to think of her.
Fakir—An Indian magician who the Lennox’s hired to keep Mary entertained.
Ayah—Mary’s Indian nursemaid.
Alice—Rose’s equally vain friend.

Caroline Van Zile
Joshua Barnard