Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Fall 2004
Experimental Production
Tom Stoppard
Date of run: 
Thursday, October 7, 2004 (All day) to Saturday, October 9, 2004 (All day)
Yale Repertory Theatre See map


Guildenstern—A marginal character in Hamlet. Pensive and frustrated. Loquacious. Unlucky. Stalwart. His surroundings and their unpredictability bother him and so he attempts explanations for their (and his own) existence.
Rosencrantz—An even more marginal character from Hamlet. A bit dim, mostly unconcerned with his surroundings and what they imply. Blissfully unaware. Naive. Playful. Indecisive. A bit impish. Easily influenced. Tender-hearted.
The Player—He is both the Player from Hamlet, and a character of Stoppard’s own creation. He is Stoppard’s surrogate in the play, theonly one who knows what is really going on. A rhetorician of the highest caliber, he has embraced his role as performer. He is grandiose, melodramatic, immodest, manipulative, wise.
Alfred—The boy tragedian who plays all of the female roles. Smallish, frightened. Victimized. A pawn.
Tragedians—4-6 of them. A rag-tag bunch; Clowns, pranksters, musicians, carnies. The grimier the better. They are the ensemble that accompanies the Player, and play other incidental roles throughout Hamlet and Stoppard’s play. Any special clown or music skills are desired for this bunch. They will also play other ensemble parts (see below)
Hamlet—Frantic, bothered, irregular. He may or may not be a bit nuts. He is the key to Ros and Gil’s Success or failure and is a bit of a charicature of Shakespeare’s Melancholy dane.
Ophelia—Hamlet’s love interest. Stringy, tragic, histrionic, soaking wet.
Claudius—Hamlet’s uncle, the usurped king. Brisk, Stern, Controlling, regal.
Gertrude—As in Hamlet, Hamlet’s mother and claudius’ wife. Exacting, precise, lukewarm.
Polonius—As in Hamlet, a pompous old windbag
Soldier, Hortatio, Ambassadors, Courtiers, Pirates, Attendants—played as needed by the Tragedians.

Lauren Stripling
Marisa Alford
Stage Manager: 
Kate McNeece
Lighting Designer: 
Shannon Foshe
Sound Designer: 
Justin Hatchimonji
Costume Designer: 
Celia Muller
Graphic Designer: 
Ian Ferguson
Props Master: 
Mary Ellen Leuver
Master Electrician: 
Will Tauxe
Technical Director: 
Benjamin Conniff
Sound Engineer: 
Reed Abrahamson
Ted Gordon
Member & Role: 
Kelsey Lents - Scenic Designer
Daniel Kluger - Original Composer
Constantine Lignos - Sound Advisor
Olga Berlinsky - Assistant Producer
Nathaniel Granor - Assistant Producer
T. D. Smith - Assistant Producer
Joanna Zdanys - Assistant Producer
Liam Andrew - Assistant Stage Manager
Maddie Gelblum - Assistant Stage Manager
Daniel Nichanian - Assistant
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Max Broude - Guildenstern
Nicholas Collura - Rosencrantz
Sam Frank - Polonius
Bix Bettwy - The Player
Jamie Kirchick - Claudius
Paul Spera - Hamlet
Christine Garver - Ophelia
Susie Kemple - Gertrude
Evan Joiner - Alfred
Taylor Chapman - Tragedian
Colette Gunn-Graffy - Tragedian
J. Alex Johnson - Tragedian
Alice Shyy - Tragedian
Laura Gary