Playwriting Festival

Spring 2004
Playwriting Festival
Date of run: 
Thursday, February 19, 2004 (All day) to Saturday, February 21, 2004 (All day)
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The Playwriting Festival originated in 2001-02 as a way to showcase some of the talent of Yale’s aspiring playwrights. This year we are pleased to present the Festival for the first time in one of Yale’s finest performance spaces, the New Theater at 1156 Chapel St.

The Plays

When It Rains
by Julie Whitesell
Directed by Chloe Bass
It’s raining men, and Maria is at the eye of the storm.

Voices of Juarez
by Kristen Pring-Mill
Directed by Andrew Sandberg
The spirit of a missing and murdered young woman in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, returns from the grave to recount her tragic tale.

An Ape and an Audience
by Josh Tarsky
Directed by Christopher Grobe
A deliciously nasty morsel of metatheater. A narrator/author-figure shows off his scenes that are shrewdly constructed so as to please the audience and provide cocktail-party conversation.

by Max Broude
Directed by Derek Miller
A vivid reimagining of one of the great figures of Greek mythology. Guilt, love, and fate comingle in this modern one-act in the classical tradition.

Romance in a Steel Box
by David Busis
Directed by Lauren Yee
Nick and Darlene look forward to a nice, quiet train ride… at least until they are interrupted by the antics of an old lady, her reluctant “foreign” beau, a disgruntled train employee, and a conductor who may know a little more about them than expected.

by Laura Jacqmin
Directed by Lauren Stripling
Things don’t always go “back” to normal. Sometimes people do bad things. And sometimes they do them for no reason.

Chloe Bass (When It Rains)
Andy Sandberg (Voices of Juarez)
Christopher Grobe (An Ape and an Audience)
Derek Miller (Tantalus)
Lauren Yee (Romance in a Steel Box)
Lauren Stripling (Sweat)
Marisa Alford - Producer
Member & Role: 
Julie Whitesell - Playwright (When It Rains)
Kristen Pring-Mill - Playwright (Voices of Juarez)
Josh Tarsky - Playwright (An Ape and an Audience)
Max Broude - Playwright (Tantalus)
David Busis - Playwright (Romance in a Steel Box)
Laura Jacqmin - Playwright (Sweat)
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Christopher Grobe - Tantalus (Tantalus)
Lauren Coppola - Helen (Tantalus)
Eric Kubo - Conductor (Romance...)
John Mullins - Nick (Romance...)
Rachel Mannheimer - Darlene (Romance...)
Jamie Kirchick - Ticket Puncher (Romance...)
Mollie Farber - Old Lady (Romance...)
Roger Low - Canadian (Romance...)
Stefano Theodoli-Braschi - Lenny (Sweat)
Pete Dettmann - Jacob (Sweat)
Brianna Hill - Gretchen (Sweat)
Gianna Marotta - Maria (When It Rains)
Jamie Kirchick - George (When It Rains)
Stefano Theodoli-Braschi - Jason (When It Rains)
Francisco Morales - Jacques (When It Rains)
Eric Kubo - Bryan (When It Rains)
Colette Gunn-Graffy - Performer (Voices...)
Derek Miller - Narrator (An Ape...)
David Chernicoff - Johnnie/Vick/Jew (An Ape...)
Jennifer Thompson - Joannie/Val/Christian (An Ape...)
Dara Young - Tracy/Muslim (An Ape...)
Eric Kubo - Man 1