Spring 2010
Commencement Musical
Date of run: 
Friday, May 21, 2010 (All day) to Sunday, May 23, 2010 (All day)
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Pippin peels away the illusion of complacent idealism and exposes the simple realities which fill us with true fulfillment. It is a tale of longing that depicts both the shattering blows we face when our idealism crumbles, as well as the exalted strength we can find within ourselves when we have something to fight for. Fundamentally, Pippin is about growing up in a cold and cynical society without proper role models to offer us a clear­-cut path to happiness. This show proposes a pragmatic solution to the question of “How do I make myself happy?”­Only by truly accepting the uncomfortable realities of the human condition are we able to find happiness in the simplest of places. By giving up the constructed ideal of what we want this world to be, and by recognizing it for what it is, we can be lifted out of disillusionment with a simple glimmer of hope.
Miles Jacoby
Laura Vrana
Stage Manager: 
Gwynedd Davis
Musical Director: 
Ben Wexler
Lighting Designer: 
Daisy Long
Set Designer: 
Max Budovitch
Sound Designer: 
Phillip Owen
Costume Designer: 
Sofija Canavan
Props Master: 
Martha Burson
Master Electrician: 
Bijan Haney
Technical Director: 
Emmanuel Ramirez
Sound Engineer: 
Josh Stein,
Stephen Marsh
Member & Role: 
Gabriella Zeugin ­- Head Rigger
Rachel London ­- Head Rigger
Bianca Rodriguez ­- Paint Charge
Stephen Feigenbaum ­- Conductor
Meredith Davis -­ Associate Stage Manager
Zoe LaPalombara ­- Associate Lighting Designer
Gabrielle Karol -­ Assistant Choreographer
Sophia Janowitz -­ Assistant Set Designer
Mark Sonnenblick - ­Assistant Musical Director
Emily Suran - ­Assistant Producer
Adela Jaffe -­ Assistant Producer
Maia Collier ­- Assistant Producer
Teo Soares -­ Assistant Producer
Willa Fitzgerald -­ Assistant Producer
Samantha Hansen ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Briana Pigott -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Denice Cox ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Hyungmee Lim ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Jamie Biondi -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Lara Boyle -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Alex Hirsch -­ Assistant Technical Director
Gabriel DeLeon -­ Assistant Master Electrician
Maya Seidler -­ Assistant Master Electrician
Jesse Kirkland -­ Assistant Props Master
Charlie Polinger ­- House Manager
Ava Tattelman Parnes ­- Box Office
Allison Collins ­- Hair/Make­up
Lily Lamb­-Atkinson -­ Co­-Lunch Admiral
Nikola Champlin ­- Co­-Lunch Admiral
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Raphael Shapiro -­ Leading Player
James Dieffenbach -­ Pippin
Will Turner ­- Charlemagne
Sarah Matthes ­- Fastrada
Marina Keegan ­- Berthe
Julie Shain -­ Catherine
Henry Gottfried -­ Lewis
Brandon Hayse ­- Theo
Kelly Campbell ­- Player
Maeve Ricaurte ­- Player
Melissa Cail -­ Player
Zola Chihombori Quao -­ Player
Leah Osterman -­ Player
Alex Kramer ­- Player
Aaron Seriff­-Cullick ­- Player
Sean Hilton ­- Player
Reuben Hendler ­- Player
Peter Lewis -­ Player
Assistant Director: 
Oren Stevens,
Lily Lewis-­McNeil
Andrew Rejan
Jay Frisby