Phaedra’s Love

Fall 2005
Experimental Production
Sarah Kane
Date of run: 
Thursday, October 13, 2005 (All day) to Saturday, October 15, 2005 (All day)
Yale Repertory Theatre See map

A radical reworking of Seneca’s classical tragedy of incest and unrequited lust, Phaedra’s Love is a provocative interpretation of a woman’s destructive obsession with her stepson and the misery that ensues. Kane drags the story kicking and wailing into the twenty-first century, offering an unflinching examination of our societal fascination with sex, violence, and celebrity.

Lila Neugebauer
Olga Berlinsky
Stage Manager: 
Laura Edwards
Lighting Designer: 
Hajera Dehqanzada
Set Designer: 
Haley Fox
Laura Schewel
Sound Designer: 
Daniel Kluger
Costume Designer: 
Anastatia Curley
Props Master: 
Eric Kubo
Master Electrician: 
Katie Reynolds
Technical Director: 
Seema Kairam
Sound Engineer: 
Liam Andrew
Member & Role: 
Eva Bitran - Assistant Producer
Bryan Hunter - Assistant Producer
Valerie Steinberg - Assistant Producer
Michael Huang - Assistant Stage Manager
Jennifer Landau - Assistant Stage Manager
Joyce Tagal - Assistant Stage Manager
Jennica Best - Assistant Lighting Designer
Sara Freiberg - Light Board Operator
Daniel Holtmann-Rice - Sound Board Operator
Presca Ahn - House Manager
Eda Berkman - Sets Crew
Jessica Bian - Sets Crew
Eric Bloom - Sets Crew
Sara Freiberg - Sets Crew
Francisco Morales - Sets Crew
Isabelle Smeall - Sets Crew
Michael Stern - Sets Crew
Eric Bloom - Electrics Crew
Charley Casler - Electrics Crew
Valerie Cervantes - Electrics Crew
Jessica Heyman - Electrics Crew
Rachel Frankford - Electrics Crew
Annie Hung - Electrics Crew
Emma Lunbeck - Electrics Crew
Aaron Margolis - Electrics Crew
David Pratt-Robson - Electrics Crew
Andy Wagner - Electrics Crew
Bente Grinde - Costumes Crew
Haley Hogan - Costumes Crew
Michael Huang - Costumes Crew
Beverly Rich - Costumes Crew
Lily Rothman - Costumes Crew
Alison Seitz - Costumes Crew
Valerie Steinberg - Costumes Crew
Yasemin Tarhan - Costumes Crew
Stephanie Cunnane - Sound Crew
Constantine Lignos - Sound Crew
Daniel Holtmann-Rice - Sound Crew
Ted Gordon - Sound Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Nick Barton - Hippolytus
Anna Rebek - Phaedra
Carly Zien - Strophe
Jana Sikdar - Doctor
Abe Koogler - Priest
Chad Callaghan - Theseus
Andrew Ash - Ensemble
Bix Bettwy - Ensemble
Christine Garver - Ensemble
Serena Gosden-Hood - Ensemble
Angel Hertslet - Ensemble
Breanna Jedrzejewski - Ensemble
Maia Karo - Ensemble
Jamie Kirchick - Ensemble
Steven Kochevar - Ensemble
Jennifer Landau - Ensemble
Jenny Nissel - Ensemble
Joyce Tagal - Ensemble
Master Carpenter: 
Alex Colman
Hannah Geller