Our Town

Spring 2007
Mainstage Production
Thornton Wilder
Date of run: 
Wednesday, April 18, 2007 (All day) to Saturday, April 21, 2007 (All day)
University Theater See map
Noted essayist Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play Our Town is widely regarded as one of the highlights of American theater. Wilder was consulted throughout preproduction, and the result is a depiction so true that viewers might feel for a short while as if they are residents of the small town depicted, which was the precise intent of Wilder.
Our Town covers the lives and events of two families in a woodsy New Hampshire village from the year 1900 through 1913. Emily Webb and George Gibbs meet as teenagers and succumb to adolescent affections before maturing, marrying, and bearing a child of their own. The stage manager sparkles as the talkative town pharmacist who narrates the action, stitching together a folksy, nostalgic, bittersweet tapestry of humor, love, and life. Throughout, the play hammers home its message about the preciousness of time in people’s short lives.
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Toni Dorfman
Amit Bhalla
Stage Manager: 
Jessica Fried
Musical Director: 
Andrew Resnick
Lighting Designer: 
Stephen Quandt
Set Designer: 
Jen Fick
Sound Designer: 
Vincent Olivieri
Costume Designer: 
Valerie Webster
Graphic Designer: 
Dan Swett
Props Master: 
Elisabeth Star
Master Electrician: 
Stephen Brandes
Valerie Cervantes
Technical Director: 
Hector Sueiro
Member & Role: 
Emma Griffin -­ Head Rigger
Elysa Chao -­ Assistant Lighting Designer
Liam Andrew ­- Assistant Sound Designer
Zoelle Egner ­- Assistant Costume Designer
Daniel Seifert -­ Assistant Technical Director
Lauren Bremen ­- Assistant Master Electrician
Maggie Burrows -­ Assistant Producer
Stephanie Richards -­ Assistant Producer
Rachel Hansen -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Rebecca Arzoian -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Elizabeth Rodrick -­ Costume Crew
Juan Jose Pedroza -­ Lights Crew
Margarita Gorlin -­ Lights Crew
Robert Fischbeck ­- Lights Crew
Alex Walker -­ Lights Crew
Hajera Dehqanzada ­- Lights Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Joshua Brody -­ Stage Manager
Nick Barton -­ Dr. Gibbs
Dan Amerman ­- Joe/Si Crowell
Bobby Allen -­ Howie Newsome
Katie Reynolds ­- Mrs. Gibbs
Alexandra Trow -­ Mrs. Webb
Paul Spera ­- George Gibbs
Elizabeth Ralph -­ Rebecca Gibbs
Vidur Sehgal ­- Wally Webb
Carly Zien ­- Emily Webb
Cordelia Istel -­ Professor Willard
Brian Earp ­- Mr. Webb
Benjamin Brody -­ Sam Craig
Gabriel Sloyer -­ Simon Stimson
Erin Hays -­ Mrs. Soames
Tommy Crawford ­- Constable Warren
David Thier -­ Baseball Player/ Father of Joel
Joshua Silverstein -­ Baseball Player
Lanre Akintjoye ­- Joe Stoddard
Andrew Rejan -­ Man in the Auditorium
Lesley Barth -­ Woman in the Front Row (Choir)
Maia Karo -­ Lady in the Balcony (Choir)
Alice Walton ­- Clara Cartwright (Choir)
Jennifer Werner -­ Eleanor Miller (Choir)
Isaac Durand -­ John Trowbridge (Choir)
Hannah Cousins -­ Addie Montgomery (Choir)
John Yates -­ Banker Cartwright (Choir)
Allison Williams ­- Dorothy Pampell (Choir)
Assistant Director: 
Stella Powell­-Jones