Our Lady of 121st Street

Fall 2004
Experimental Production
Stephen Adly Guirgis
Date of run: 
Thursday, September 30, 2004 (All day) to Saturday, October 2, 2004 (All day)
Yale Repertory Theatre See map

A dark comedic look at the graduates of a Harlem Catholic school as they reunite for their former teacher’s funeral.

Victor—male, early fifties. An older former student from Staten Island. Vic embodies the anger, outrage and feelings of powerlessness that are associated with mourners.
Balthazar—male, mid-thirties. An alcoholic police officer. Has unresolved issues of his own regarding the death of his seven year old son.
Rooftop—male, African American, mid-forties. Fast-talking African American radio talk show host. Seeks forgiveness from his ex-wife Inez whom he cheated on.
Father Lux—male, mid-seventies. Legless priest. Veteran of Korean War. Not particularly pious or a very good priest but he makes it his mission to “save” Rooftop.
Flip—male, African American, thirty-seven. gay lawyer currently residing in Wisconsin. His friends from the school in Harlem do not know of his sexuality. He is going through something like denial although he has a long-term homosexual relationship with Gail.
Gail—male, thirty-seven. Gay. Flip’s partner. A “community theater housewife,” as Flip puts it. Think Nathan Lane in The Birdcage.
Inez—female, African American, late thirties. Rooftop’s ex-wife, now remarried and still pissed off at Rooftop and her friend Norca, with whom Rooftop cheated on her.
Norca—female, late thirties. Latina. “Nasty Norca.” Vicious, venomous, kind of a bitch.
Edwin—male, late thirties. hearted superintendent of apartment building in Harlem. He’s not too bright, but loved Sister Rose very much. He spends most of his time looking after his brother, Pinky.
Pinky—male, late thirties. Technically he’s probably brain damaged, but acts like he is mentally retarded. He has a certain way of talking, a certain way of walking etc. Incredibly dependent.
Marcia—female, mid-thirties. Sister Rose’s niece. Kind of crazy. Neurotic, paranoid, possibly even psychotic. She has a brief love interest in Edwin.
Sonia—female, early thirties. Marcia’s friend and the only one in the play without a real connection to Sister Rose or a real reason to be at the funeral. She’s a little naïve and kind of an emotional leech.

Joshua Brody
Joshua Barnard
Stage Manager: 
Daniel Kluger
Lighting Designer: 
Jennica Best
Set Designer: 
L. David Peters
Sound Designer: 
Dan Swett
Joshua Brody
Costume Designer: 
Sarah Boyette
Props Master: 
Lulu Zhao
Master Electrician: 
Victoria Phillips
Technical Director: 
Rebecca Walker
Sound Engineer: 
Dan Swett
Member & Role: 
L. David Peters - Scenic Designer
Emma Lunbeck - Paint Charge
Constantine Lignos - Sound Advisor
Mimi Jeffries - Assis
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Marty Rod - Victor
Kendrick Strauch - Balthazar
Kobi Libii - Rooftop
Josh Odsess-Rubin - Father Lux
Giovanni Adams - Flip
Michael Rucker - Gail
Andrea McChristian - Inez
Sarah Minkus - Norca
John Peretti - Edwin
Alexander Newman-Wise - Pinky
Molly Fox - Marcia
Iris Insogna - Sonia