Much Ado About Nothing

Fall 2003
Experimental Production
William Shakespeare
Date of run: 
Thursday, October 9, 2003 (All day) to Saturday, October 11, 2003 (All day)
Yale Repertory Theatre See map
Shira Milikowsky
Henry Harding
Stage Manager: 
Gerasimos Tsourapas
Lighting Designer: 
Caroline Van Zile
Set Designer: 
Kelsey Lents
Sound Designer: 
Julia Meinwald
Costume Designer: 
Jason Ray
Props Master: 
Brittany McClinton
Mary Ellen Leuver
Master Electrician: 
Ronli Diakow
Technical Director: 
Rebecca Walker
Sound Engineer: 
Constantine Lignos
Member & Role: 
Rachel Wasser - Publicist
Brianna Hill - Assistant Producer
Sara Schlemm - Assistant Producer
Beverly Rich - Assistant Producer
Chloe Bass - Assistant Producer
Anthony Ramirez - Assistant Producer
Christopher Glazek - Assistant Stage Manager
Kate McNeece - Assistant Stage Manager
Jose Minan - Assistant Stage Manager
Fanny Yang - Assistant Stage Manager
L. David Peters - Assistant Set Designer
Denise Levitan - Assistant Technical Director
Celia Muller - Assistant Lighting Designer
Vivian Hsu - Assistant Master Electrician
Will Tauxe - Assistant Sound Designer
Lauren Yee - Build Crew
Issis Palomo - Build Crew
Jenna Henderson - Build Crew
Kate Lewandowski - Build Crew
Lee Davis - Build Crew
Shannon Foshe - Build Crew
Bobby Kolba - Electrics Crew
Tyler Francis - Electrics Crew
Victoria Phillips - Electrics Crew
Lauren Yee - Electrics Crew
Michael Katz - Electrics Crew
Dorothy Finnigan - Electrics Crew
Fanny Yang - Electrics Crew
Carla Federman - Electrics Crew
Hajera Dehqanzada - Electrics Crew
Jenna Henderson - Electrics Crew
Jennica Best - Electrics Crew
Margaret Hazel - Electrics Crew
Stephanie Teng - Electrics Crew
Anastatia Curley - Sound Crew
Nicholas Collura - Sound Crew
Issis Palomo - Costume Crew
Sarah Boyette - Costume Crew
Lauren Yee - Costume Crew
Celia Muller - Costume Crew
Kate Lewandowski - Paint Crew
Brittany McClinton - Paint Crew
Veronica Wallace - Paint Crew
Seth Gandara - Paint Crew
Diego Rotalde - Paint Crew
Joanna Wu - Paint Crew
Maria Taroutina - Paint Crew
Jenna Henderson - Paint Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Derek Miller - Don Pedro
Peter Cellini - Benedick
Chad Callaghan - Claudio
Nick Tucci - Don Juan
Patrick Knighton - Borachio
Stefano Theodoli-Braschi - Conrad
Ian Lowe - Leonato
Kristen Pring-Mill - Hero
Elizabeth Meriwether - Beatrice
Yevgeny Gelfand - Antonio
Gianna Marotta - Margaret
Lauren Coppola - Ursula
Bradley Retzloff - Friar Francis
Patrick Huguenin - Dogberry
Jamie Darnton - Verges
Max Broude - The Watch
Nora Kletter - The Watch
Christina Mitropoulou - The Watch
Alexis Delveccio