Mother Courage and Her Children

Spring 2005
Mainstage Production
Bertolt Brecht
Date of run: 
Wednesday, April 13, 2005 (All day) to Saturday, April 16, 2005 (All day)
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Mother Courage—She earned her name in Riga when she ran through a bombardment in order to sell her loaves of bread. She has three children, Eilif, Swiss Cheese and Kattrin whom she tries to take care of and protect throughout the play. She loses all three children while following the war around Europe and ends the play alone with her wagon. Brecht said that as a character she learns nothing during the course of the play.
Kattrin, her dumb daughter—She is mute but very emotional. She is killed near the end of the play because she takes a drum and beats it to warn a town that an army is approaching.
Eilif, her elder son—He is brutish and loves the war. He is recruited into the army in the first scene and quickly advances because of his ability to kill peasants and steal their livestock. However, when peace briefly arrives, he is executed for committing the same acts of brutality.
Swiss Cheese, her younger son—He is honest and unwilling to break his promises. He is forced to become the money-carrier for the army and dies when he refuses to tell the opposing army where he has hidden the money-box.
The Cook—The cook for the Swedish Commander. He first appears when Mother Courage haggles with him over the price of a capon. He is the man whom Yvette Pottier fell in love with, thereby causing her to follow the army as a prostitute for five years.
The Chaplain—The religious leader of the Swedish Army. He later joins Mother Courage’s wagon and lives with her, switching religions depending on which army they are selling to.
Yvette Pottier—A prostitute in the army, she followed the army after falling in love with the Cook. After the Catholics arrest Swiss Cheese, she picks up a Colonel and convinces him to give her money with which to buy Mother Courage’s wagon. However, Swiss Cheese dies and she does not get the wagon.

Satya Bhabha
Megan Murphy
Stage Manager: 
Chris Malizia
Musical Director: 
Eric Meridiano
Lighting Designer: 
Caroline Van Zile
Set Designer: 
Nientara Anderson
Katherine Collier
Brady Weeks-Earp
Sound Designer: 
Ted Gordon
Costume Designer: 
Celia Muller
Technical Director: 
Martine Alexandre
Maile Borthwick
Member & Role: 
Michael John McCarthy - Original Composer
Ciaran O'Conaill - Original Composer
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Julie Lake - Mother Courage
Ben Evans - Eilif
Julie Whitesell - Kattrin
Paul Spera - Swiss Cheese
Anna Rebek - Yvette
Stefano Theodoli-Braschi - Cook
Alex Borinsky - Chaplain
Andrew Ash - Ensemble
Claire Barron - Ensemble
Lauren Coppola - Ensemble
Jamie Darnton - Ensemble
Eyad Houssami - Ensemble
Robert Jordan - Ensemble
Marty Rod - Ensemble
Zak Sandler - Ensemble
Lisa Siciliano - Ensemble
Carly Zien - Ensemble
Kat Ogletree - Dancer
Gabriella Pinto - Dancer
Rebecca Schwartz - Dancer
Satya Bhabha
Emily Coates
Kat Ogletree