A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Fall 2007
Experimental Production
William Shakespeare
Date of run: 
Thursday, October 4, 2007 (All day) to Saturday, October 6, 2007 (All day)
University Theatre See map
The main plot of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a complex contraption that involves two sets of couples (Hermia and Lysander, and Helena and Demetrius) whose romantic cross­purposes are complicated still further by their entrance into the play’s fairyland woods where the King and Queen of the Fairies (Oberon and Titania) preside and the impish folk character of Puck or Robin Goodfellow plies his trade. Another set of characters­ Bottom the weaver and his bumptious band of “rude mechanicals”­ stumble into the main doings when they go into the same enchanted woods to rehearse a play that is very loosely (and comically) based on the myth of Pyramus and Thisbe, their hilarious home­spun piece taking up Act V of Shakespeare’s comedy. (Summary and character descriptions courtesy of eNotes.com)
Susie Kemple
Emma Griffin
Stage Manager: 
Rachel Sturm
Lighting Designer: 
Gershon Dublon
Set Designer: 
Amit Bhalla
Sound Designer: 
Liam Andrew
Costume Designer: 
Lily Rothman
Graphic Designer: 
Gary Jaffe
Props Master: 
Hannah Cousins
Master Electrician: 
Valerie Cervantes
Technical Director: 
Hector Sueiro
Sound Engineer: 
Patrick Dewechter
Member & Role: 
Emma Lunbeck ­- Fight Choreographer
Stephen Brandes ­- Assistant Master Electrician
Luke Kanter ­- Assistant Sound Designer
Jessica Dilworth -­ Assistant Set Designer
Tiffany Pham ­- Assistant Producer
Victor Zapana -­ Assistant Producer
Anna Swan -­ Assistant Producer
Ian Walker -­ Assistant Producer­ - Sound
Hillary Faxon ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Elah Lanis ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Catherine Schroeder -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Frank Cirillo ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Gwynedd Davis ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Meredith L Williams -­ Lights Crew
Oren Stevens -­ Light Crew
Laura Edwards -­ Lights Crew
Catherine Leech ­- Lights Crew
Meredith Long -­ Lights Crew
Alexis Del Vecchio ­- Lights Crew
Megan Gilbert -­ Lights Crew
John Wolff -­ Lights Crew
Nafez Dakkak ­- Lights Crew
Bryan Hunter -­ Lights Crew
Laura Vrana -­ Lights Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Clare Barron ­- Titania
Gabriel Sloyer -­ Oberon
Nafkote Tamirat -­ Hermia
Matthew McCollum -­ Lysander
Cordelia Istel ­- Helena
Matthew George ­- Demetrius
Gabriel Seidman -­ Peter Quince
Brennan Caldwell -­ Bottom/Pyramis
Rafael Kern -­ Snout/Wall
Cooper Lewis ­- Snug/Lion
Miles Jacoby -­ Starveling/Moonshine
Elliot Eaton ­- Flute/Thisby
Jenny Nissel ­- Puck
Erin Cawley -­ Fairy
Devon Martinez -­ Peaseblossom
Tessa Williams -­ Cobweb
Maia Collier -­ Moth
Sarika Arya -­ Mustardseed
Adam Stempel ­- Theseus
Erin Capistrano -­ Hippolyta
Jason Perlman -­ Philostrate
Kent Twardock -­ Egeus
Assistant Director: 
Mariama Rose Diallo
Scott Hillier
Katherine Maltby
Master Carpenter: 
Daniel Seifert
Orchestra Member & Role: 
Eric Ward ­- Original Composer
Madeleine Udell ­- Harp
Rhiannon Bronstein ­- Flute
Derek Fujio -­ Oboe
Jackie Bruleigh -­ Bassoon