Spring 2010
Freshman Show
Mary Zimmerman
Date of run: 
Thursday, February 25, 2010 (All day) to Saturday, February 27, 2010 (All day)
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Charlie Polinger
Meredith Davis
Stage Manager: 
Katherine Nelson
Lighting Designer: 
Zoe LaPalombara
Set Designer: 
Max Budovitch
Sound Designer: 
Amanda Chang
Costume Designer: 
Carson Evans
Graphic Designer: 
Rachel Kauder Nalebu
Props Master: 
Teo Soares
Master Electrician: 
Amelia Urry
Technical Director: 
Zeke Blackwell
Sound Engineer: 
Josh Stein
Member & Role: 
Marjorie Berman -­ Paint Charge
Jourdan Urbach -­ Composer
Jacob Paul -­ Associate Sound Designer
Melissa Cail -­ Assistant Producer
Adela Jaffe ­- Assistant Producer
Clyde Edwards ­- Assistant Producer
Thomas Stanley-­Becker -­ Assistant Producer/Sets and Paint Crew
Shweta Johri -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Zachary Groff ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Timothy Pham ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Hannah LaPalombara -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Lara Boyle -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Caroline Barnes -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Nikola Champlin -­ Assistant Master Electrician
Julia Osterman ­- Sets Crew
Sunny Jones -­ Sets Crew
Kavitha Anandalingam -­ Sets Crew
Reuben Hendler ­- Sets Crew
Kyle Clark -­ Sets Crew
Hyungmee Lim ­- Sound Crew
Jeffrey Star -­ Lights Crew
Anne Dailey -­ Costumes Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Sarah Matthes ­- Myrrah and others
Peter Lewis -­ Vertumnus and others
Helen McCreary -­ Nursemaid and others
Bonnie Antosh -­ Aphrodite and others
Mike Young -­ Midas and others
Alex Steiner ­- Phaeton and others
Mike Rose -­ Erysichthon and others
Willa Fitzgerald ­- Alycone and others
Alex Kramer ­- Orpheus and others
Michelle Taylor -­ Eurydice and others
Assistant Director: 
Leah Osterman,
Derek DiMartini
Orchestra Member & Role: 
Jessica Oddie ­- Violin 2.
Julia Pucci -­ Viola,
Georgia Lill ­- Cello,
Nathan Prillaman -­ Guitar,
Andy Alden -­ Synth/Piano
Moses Balian
Derek DiMartini