Measure for Measure

Fall 2012
Experimental Production
William Shakespeare
Date of run: 
Thursday, September 27, 2012 (All day) to Saturday, September 29, 2012 (All day)
Yale Repertory Theatre See map
September 27 through September 29 at 8pm
September 29 at 2pm
Yale Repertory Theater
Measure for Measure is Shakespeare’s most provocative and paranoiac play, a portrait of a city in turmoil thanks to its citizens’ unruly desires and its rulers’ oppressive hypocrisy. It is a play about the justice system that questions the very basis of how we judge others; a play about lust and love whose characters constantly fail to tell the difference between the two; and a play where characters’ lives are lost and found in the intersection of religion, politics, and sex. In short, it’s a play most assuredly about us, and one that will be well­-served by a dystopian production design that, like all imagined dystopias, lets us reflect on our world and its anxieties through a defamiliarizing lens.
Alexi Sargeant
­Derek Braverman
Stage Manager: 
Pek Shibao
Lighting Designer: 
Javier Cienfuegos
Set Designer: 
Jonah Coe­-Scharff
Sound Designer: 
Juliet DeButts
Costume Designer: 
Marisa Kaugars
Graphic Designer: 
Max Pommier
Props Master: 
Allie Mandeville
Master Electrician: 
Monica Ague
Technical Director: 
Stephanie Adcock
Sound Engineer: 
Nick Baskin
Member & Role: 
Projections Designer ­- Jeffrey Star
Paint Charge -­ Karolina Ksiazek
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Lucy Fleming ­- Isabella
Mitchel Kawash -­ Angelo, Barnadine
Lucie Ledbetter -­ Mariana, Second Gentleman, Office, Justice
Iason Togias ­- Duke
Kyle Yoder ­- Claudio, Elbow
Catherine Chiocchi ­- Juliet, Francisca, Froth
BJ White -­ Escalus, Abhorson
Clio Contogenis -­ Lucio
Miranda Rizzolo -­ Mistress Overdone, Friar Peter, Servant
Alexander Oki ­- Pompey
Otis Blum -­ Provost
Leonard Thomas ­- Friar Thomas, First Gentleman, Officer, Lord
Rachel Barnas