Spring 2006
Freshman Show
Date of run: 
Thursday, February 23, 2006 (All day) to Saturday, February 25, 2006 (All day)
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Lysistrata chronicles the plot of a group of woman, led by the title character, who plan to save Greece through abstinence. The hilarious escapades of these women in reaction to their thoughtless and shocked husbands addresses the themes of gender relations and sexual identity that humans have struggled with since our existence, and does so in a way that is both ludicrous and honest.
Leah Franqui
Joyce Tagal
Stage Manager: 
Michael Huang
Lighting Designer: 
Amit Bhalla
Set Designer: 
Jeffrey White
Sound Designer: 
Patrick Dewechter
Costume Designer: 
Adele Li
Graphic Designer: 
Sara Freiberg
Props Master: 
Lauren Henry
Master Electrician: 
Sarah Marks
Technical Director: 
Jeffrey White
Sound Engineer: 
Eric Sauerhoff
Member & Role: 
Saskia Leggett - Assistant Producer
Andy Wagner - Assistant Lighting Designer
Lian Walden - Assistant Scenic Designer
Ashley Malone - Assistant Stage Manager
Yayone Rivaud - Assistant Stage Manager
Elysa Chao - Light Board Operator
Jenny Baik - House Manager
Danielle Torres - Usher
Elysa Chao - Sets Crew
Kimberly Chow - Sets Crew
Sara Freiberg - Sets Crew
Charlotte Martin - Sets Crew
Dorota Poplawska - Sets Crew
William Hennessy - Electrics Crew
Timothy Kau - Electrics Crew
Ja-­Mei Or - Electrics Crew
Maria Richardson - Electrics Crew
Jennifer Taylor - Electrics Crew
Dominic Zarecki - Electrics Crew
Christina Hsu - Costumes Crew
Julie Yang - Costumes Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Presca Ahn - Lysistrata
Jen Cohen - Calonice
Alexandra Trow - Myrrhine
Laura Bennett - Lampito
Gerald McElroy - Stratyllis/Chorus
Gabriel Sloyer - Cinesias/Athenian
Tommy Crawford - Herald/Chorus
Ben Barasch - Magistrate
Hannah Corrigan - Chorus
Alexander Dominitz - Chorus
Ned Fulmer - Chorus
Elizabeth Picker - Chorus
Rachel Sam - Chorus
Assistant Director: 
Jennifer Landau
Dara Lind