A Little Night Music

Spring 2007
Commencement Musical
Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler
Date of run: 
Friday, May 25, 2007 (All day) to Sunday, May 27, 2007 (All day)
University Theatre See map
In turn-­of-­the-­century Sweden, middle-­aged Fredrik Egerman brings his 18­-year­-old bride Anne to a play starring his former mistress, the famous actress Desiree Armfeldt. Soon enough, Fredrik and Desiree resume their romance, incurring the wrath of Desiree’s current lover, the pompous Count Carl­Magnus. The situation culminates in a weekend at the Armfeldt country estate, with Fredrik, Anne, Desiree and the Count in attendance, as well as Fredrik’s son Henrik (who is hopelessly in love with Anne), Desiree’s illegitimate daughter Frederika, Desiree’s wise mother Madame Armfeldt, the Count’s manic-­depressive wife Charlotte, and the Egerman’s lusty maid Petra. There, under the summer night, new love is illuminated and all is set right.
Description courtesy of MTI.
Ethan Heard
Ashley Rodbro
Stage Manager: 
Eve Burstein
Musical Director: 
Chris Holownia
Lighting Designer: 
Emmett Zackheim
Set Designer: 
Bryan Hunter
Sound Designer: 
Eric Sauerhoff
Costume Designer: 
Michael Huang
Props Master: 
Reed Abrahamson
Rachel Sturm
Master Electrician: 
Valerie Cervantes
Technical Director: 
Elysa Chao
Sound Engineer: 
Ian Walker
Member & Role: 
Reed Abrahamson -­ Head Rigger
Jakara Mato ­- Dance Captain
Emma Griffin ­- Associate Stage Manager
Dan Schlosberg -­ Assistant Musical Director
Maureen Lloyd ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Rebecca Czyrnik -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Liam Andrew -­ Assistant Producer­ Lights/Sound
Tiffany Pham ­- Assistant Producer­ - Box Office
Lauren Bremen -­ Assistant Producer­ - Sets
Zoelle Egner -­ Assistant Producer
Michael Pacer -­ Assistant Producer­ - Paint
Rachel Sturm -­ Assistant Head Rigger
Miriam Rubenstein -­ House Manager
Jessica Bridgett -­ Head Usher
Anna Swan -­ Marketing Crew
Andrew Law -­ Load In/Strike
Lily Rothman ­- Costume Crew
Karen Porter ­- Costume Crew
Margarita Gorlin ­- Costume Crew
Brittani Ann Nichols -­ Costume Crew
Tiffany Petrosino ­- Paint Crew
Susan Johns ­- Paint Crew
Annie Lin ­- Paint Crew
Saskia Leggett ­- Paint Crew
Steven Siegel ­- Paint Crew
Allyson Lieberman -­ Paint Crew
Joseph Charlet - Sets Crew
Justin Lo -­ Sets Crew
Brian Young - Sets Crew
Stephen Brandes ­- Sets Crew
Katherine Rosenfeld ­- Sets Crew
Amit Bhalla -­ Sets Crew
Victor Alquicira ­- Lights Crew
Meredith L Williams -­ Lights Crew
Gershon Dublon -­ Lights Crew
Jennica Best - Lights Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Carly Zien -­ Desiree
Claudia Rosenthal -­ Anne
Elizabeth Picker -­ Madame
Felicia Ricci -­ Charlotte
Danielle Frimer ­- Petra
Sarah Minkus ­- Fredrika
Trevor Kempner -­ Fredrik
Matthew Strother -­ Henrik
Brock Forsblom -­ Carl Magnus
Andrew Ash -­ Frid
Esteli Gomez -­ Mrs. Segstrom
Megan Loughran -­ Mrs. Nordstrom
Abby Bunce ­- Mrs. Anderssen
Scott Hillier -­ Mr. Erlanson
Zach Bucknoff ­- Mr. Lindquist
Jakara Mato -­ Osa
Erin Capistrano -­ Malla
Isaac Durand ­- Bertrand
Assistant Director: 
Gary Jaffe
Andrew Ash
Gary Jaffe
Ethan Heard