A Lie of the Mind

Fall 2012
Experimental Production
Sam Shepard
Date of run: 
Thursday, October 4, 2012 (All day) to Saturday, October 6, 2012 (All day)
Yale Repertory Theatre See map
October 4 through October 6 at 8pm
October 6 at 2pm
Yale Repertory Theater
A Lie of the Mind is Sam Shepard’s poetic and emotionally complex portrayal of love, family dysfunction, betrayal, and the nature of memory and identity. Set in the American West, the play’s action alternates between the two families of Beth and Jake in the aftermath of an act of severe spousal abuse that leaves both characters grappling to repair their lives amidst the disintegration of their homes, families, and country. As the characters collide in search of their identities, we are driven to question our own relationships, our roles in the places we call home, and our dependence on the flawed and ephemeral qualities of memory.
Check out this video of the cast and crew getting ready for the show and having some fun! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7R­7­Y5NsQ
Kate Heaney
Natalia Forbath
Stage Manager: 
Justine Appel
Lighting Designer: 
Shannon Csorny
Set Designer: 
Maggie Ditre
Sound Designer: 
Patrick Cage
Costume Designer: 
Monica Hannush
Graphic Designer: 
Autumn Von Plinsky
Props Master: 
Rebecca Miller
Master Electrician: 
Emma Brennan­-Wydra
Technical Director: 
Dan Rathbone
Sound Engineer: 
Kara Brower
Member & Role: 
Music Composer -­ Nate Barnett
Projections Designer ­- Jeffrey Star
Associate Technical Director -­ Autumn Von Plinsky
Associate Technical Director ­- Elise Wilson
Associate Technical Director -­ Emma Hills
Associate Technical Director -­ Jeff Zhu
Associate Technical Director ­- Zeke Blackwell
Assistant Stage Manager -­ Gabby Heifetz
Assistant Stage Manager -­ Jessica Hernandez
Assistant Stage Manager -­ Katy Osborn
Assistant Stage Manager -­ Susan Yassky
Assistant Producer -­ Kendrick Kirk
Assistant Producer -­ Samantha Lichtin
Assistant Costume Designer ­- Jin Al Yap
Assistant Props Designer -­ Danielle Trubow
Assistant Lighting Designer ­- Charles Lehman
Assistant Master Electrician -­ Raphael Leung
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Bonnie Antosh -­ Beth
James Dieffenbach -­ Jake
Jeremy Lloyd -­ Frankie
Marina Horiates -­ Sally
Cambrian Thomas­-Adams ­- Mike
Jacob Osborne -­ Baylor
Anya Richkind -­ Meg
Stephanie Brandon -­ Lorraine
Irene Casey