Laughing Stock

Spring 2009
Freshman Show
Charles Morey
Date of run: 
Thursday, February 26, 2009 (All day) to Saturday, February 28, 2009 (All day)
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Laughing Stock is a hilarious backstage farce and genuinely affectionate look into the the world of the theatre. When The Playhouse, a rustic New England summer theatre, schedules a repertory season of Dracula, Hamlet, and Charley’s Aunt, comic mayhem ensues. We follow the well-intentioned but over­-matched company from outrageous auditions to ego­-driven rehearsals through opening nights gone disastrously awry to the elation of a great play well told and the comic and nostalgic season close.
Austin Trow
Sana Samnani
Stage Manager: 
Jordan Marschke,
Rachel London
Lighting Designer: 
David Martinez
Set Designer: 
Angela Londono Pardo
Sound Designer: 
Brian Hoefling
Costume Designer: 
Rosalind Diaz,
Sofija Canavan
Graphic Designer: 
Catherine Osborn
Props Master: 
Rachel London
Master Electrician: 
Charlie Croom
Technical Director: 
Jesse Williams
Member & Role: 
Jeremy Lloyd -­ Composer
Carly De Feis ­- Assistant Props Master
McKay Niel ­- Assistant Producer
Anya Van Wagtendonk -­ Assistant Producer
Katelyn Martin -­ Assistant Producer
Lily Lewis­McNeil ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Ming­Toy Taylor -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Sarah DeLappe ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Seinne Fleming ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Mitchel Kawash -­ Light Board Operator
Katharine Pitt ­- Sets Crew
Victoria Rogers -­ Sets Crew
Cokey Cohen -­ Sets Crew
Alex Hirsch ­- Sets Crew
Calah Singleton -­ Sets Crew
Caroline Dewing -­ Lights Crew
Josh Evans ­- Lights Crew
Noah Bokat­Lindell -­ Lights Crew
Bijan Haney ­- Lights Crew
Natalia Emanuel -­ Costumes Crew
Anna Kellar ­- Sound Crew
Alma Alegria -­ Sound Crew
Peter Thompson -­ Sound Crew
Max Kushner-­Lenhoff -­ Sound Crew
Anya Van Wagtendonk -­ Paint Crew
Katherine Xie ­- Paint Crew
John Yi ­- Paint Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Alexander Oki -­ Gordon
Michael Knowles -­ Jack
Kalyan Ray-­Mazumder ­- Tyler
Hunter Wolk ­- Vernon
Michael Laskin -­ Richfield
Faizaan Kisat -­ Henry
Michael Singleton -­ Craig
Alex Klein -­ Braun
Chloe Sarbib -­ Sarah
Amy Rosenblum ­- Susannah
Danielle Tomson -­ Daisy
Cleo Handler­-Jedrlinic ­- Karma
Marina Keegan -­ Ellen
Lily Lamb­-Atkinson ­- Mary
Assistant Director: 
Jesse Kirkland,
Jacqueline Feldman