The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

Spring 2011
Mainstage Production
Stephen Adly Guirgis
Date of run: 
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 (All day) to Saturday, April 16, 2011 (All day)
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“The Last Days of Judas Iscariot is a dream play for any director. Its combination of relentlessly clever dark humor with characters whose stories have assumed mythological proportions renders it both accessible and entertaining, while also having real emotional depth. The play’s driving theme­—the power of the human spirit­—is universal and epic, and yet, the play never feels like it suffers from the weight of a ‘great message.’”
Adrienne Campbell­-Holt
Meredith Davis
Stage Manager: 
Samantha Hansen
Lighting Designer: 
Grant Yeager
Set Designer: 
John McDermott
Sound Designer: 
Amy Altadonna
Costume Designer: 
Sofija Canavan
Graphic Designer: 
Autumn VonPlinsky
Props Master: 
Melissa Cail
Master Electrician: 
Zoe LaPalombara
Technical Director: 
Nikola Champlin,
Autumn VonPlinsky
Sound Engineer: 
Josh Stein,
Stuart Teal
Member & Role: 
Allison Collins ­- Hair/Make­up
Zeke Blackwell ­- Head Rigger
Katherine Nelson -­ Paint Charge
Emma Hills -­ Associate Stage Manager
Sophia Yoo -­ Assistant Scenic Designer
Hillary Luong -­ Assistant Lighting Designer
Julia Cortopassi ­- Assistant Costume Designer
Juliet DeButts ­- Assistant Sound Designer
Iva Velickovic -­ Assistant Producer (Costumes)
Yuvika Tolani ­- Assistant Producer (Sets)
Sara Stalla ­- Assistant Producer
Sophia Nguyen ­- Assistant Producer
Chandler Rosenthal -­ Assistant Producer
Selin Unluonen ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Peter Flynn ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Laura Benoit -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Jennifer Matichuk -­ Assistant Technical Director
Wells Thorne ­- Assistant Technical Director
Margot Mellette ­- Assistant Technical Director
Margaret Ditre -­ Assistant Technical Director
Jonah Coe­Scharff -­ Assistant Master Electrician
Jake Keaney -­ Assistant Sound Engineer
Suzanna Fritzberg -­ Assistant Sound Engineer
Alexander Oki - Assistant Dramaturg
Emma Hills -­ Sets Crew
Hillary Luong -­ Sets Crew
Gwynedd Davis -­ Sets Crew
Adam Goone ­- Sets Crew
Miranda Peeples ­- Sets Crew
John Wolff ­- Sets Crew
Denice Cox -­ Sets Crew
Erin Michet -­ Sets Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Michael Rosen -­ Yusef El­Fayoumy
Willa Fitzgerald -­ Fabiana Cunningham
Matthew McCollum ­- Judge Littlefield / Caiaphas
Alex Kramer ­- Judas Iscariot
Jamie Biondi -­ Jesus of Nazareth
Maia Collier -­ Henrietta Iscariot
Katharine Pitt -­ Gloria/Mother Theresa
Stephanie Brandon -­ Saint Monica
Sarah DeLappe -­ Loretta / Mary Magdalene / Sister Glenna
Cory Finley -­ Butch Honeywell
Kyle Clark ­- Butch Honeywell (Understudy)
Michael Knowles -­ Satan / Saint Peter
Elias Kleinbock -­ Sigmund Freud / Saint Thomas
Leonard Thomas -­ Pontius Pilate / Uncle Pino
Austin Trow ­- Matthias of Galilee / Saint Matthew
James Dieffenbach -­ Bailiff / Simon the Zealot
Assistant Director: 
Zeke Blackwell