Kid­-Simple: a radio play in the flesh

Fall 2008
Experimental Production
Jordan Harrison
Date of run: 
Friday, October 10, 2008 (All day) to Saturday, October 11, 2008 (All day)
Yale Repertory Theatre See map
Kid-­Simple: a radio play in the flesh is based on radio mystery shows popular in the early 20th century. Accompanied by a live foley artist, who produces narrative sounds live onstage, the play explores various ways in which we tell stories and how we rely on our senses to comprehend the world around us. The plot follows the adventures of Moll, a teenage prodigy and genius inventor, and the last boy virgin in 11th grade as they together try to recover Moll’s newly invented machine for hearing sounds that cannot be heard, after it is stolen by evil masterminds.
Michael Leibenluft
Laura Vrana
Stage Manager: 
Eleni Christidis
Lighting Designer: 
Sophie Wolfram
Set Designer: 
Andrew Chittenden
Sound Designer: 
Kelsey Clark
Costume Designer: 
Elizabeth Palazzolo
Graphic Designer: 
Jacob Liberman
Props Master: 
Sophia Janowitz
Master Electrician: 
Oren Stevens
Technical Director: 
Catherine Schroeder
Sound Engineer: 
Ian Walker
Member & Role: 
Jackie Bruleigh -­ Foley Artist
Hannah Cousins ­- Assistant Set Designer
Karen Huang -­ Assistant Set Designer
Taylour Chang ­- Assistant Sound Designer
Liz Mandeville -­ Assistant Sound Designer
Aaron Reiss -­ Assistant Sound Designer
Mila Hursey -­ Assistant Producer
Sana Samnani -­ Assistant Producer
Michael Bronfin ­- Assistant Stage Manager
David Martinez ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Miro Min -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Clark Xue ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Rosalind Diaz ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Hannah Mendlowitz ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Harrison Marks -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Julie Hersh ­- Assistant Master Electrician
Marcus Parrish -­ Assistant Master Electrician
Megan Gilbert ­- Assistant Master Electrician
John Greenawalt ­- Light Board Operator
Brian Hoefling ­- Sound Board Operator
Miro Min -­ Spotlight Operator
Alma Alegria ­- Sets Crew
Alex Hirsch ­- Sets Crew
Catherine Scheard -­ Sets Crew
Joshua Cantor­-Stone -­ Sets Crew
Sofija Canavan ­- Sets Crew
Richard Espinosa -­ Sets Crew
Jonah Quinn -­ Sets Crew
Katherine Archibald ­- Sets Crew
Amy Rosenblum -­ Sets Crew
Angela Londono Pardo ­- Sets Crew
Noah Neal -­ Sets Crew
Luke Kanter -­ Sets Crew
Victor Alquicira ­- Lights Crew
John Greenawalt -­ Lights Crew
Vanessa Murphy -­ Lights Crew
Maia Collier -­ Lights Crew
Emma Griffin -­ Lights Crew
Ava Tattelman Parnes -­ Costumes Crew
Rose Malloy ­- Costumes Crew
Olivia Martinez -­ Costumes Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Tessa Williams -­ Moll
Sam Bolen -­ Oliver
Cordelia Istel -­ The Narrator
Jesse Kirkland ­- The Mercenary
Tully McLoughlin -­ Mr. Watchel, et al.
Alexandra Trow -­ Miss Kendrick, et al.
Assistant Director: 
David Ludwig,
Lily Lewis­-McNeil
Basie Gitlin