Fall 2007
Experimental Production
Edwin Sanchez
Date of run: 
Wednesday, October 11, 2006 (All day) to Friday, October 13, 2006 (All day)
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ICARUS is an incredibly beautiful play that focuses on the interactions of five oddball characters ­ characters you wouldn’t expect to meet on the street, but whose eccentricities are so deeply human, whose flaws and insecurities so familiar, that they strike a chord in even the most (ostensibly) “normal” individuals. ALTAGRACIA, a woman with severe facial deformations, has convinced her brother PRIMITIVO, a cripple, that he is capable of touching the sun and thereby attaining celebrity status. The siblings and their one­man entourage MR. ELLIS squat in a deserted beach house next door to a fading Z­list celebrity named the GLORIA. There they encounter BEAU, a masked Adonis seeking asylum from his own destructive beauty. An unlikely romance develops between BEAU and ALTAGRACIA, and in the end PRIMITIVO drowns himself to liberate his devoted sister. Each of these characters is damaged in some way and searching for refuge. Their stories are gracefully intertwined to highlight the delicate interdependency of human relationships.
ICARUS is about the clever worlds people create for themselves to cope with their more painful realities. Its mythical quality stems from its poetic language and the fabricated realities of each of its characters. ICARUS questions the notion of beauty and the impossibility of dreams. It is a play about self­deception and the search for inner sanctuary; about the masks people don to hide their flaws and the difficulty of revealing one’s ugliness to others. In this play, Edwin Sanchez derives quiet amusement from the tragedy of being human. Bordering on magical realism, his language is lyrical, witty and compassionate. ICARUS captures the essence of make believe and the spirit of humanity.
Lian Walden
Alyssa Simmons
Stage Manager: 
Edith Sangueza
Lighting Designer: 
Valerie Cervantes
Set Designer: 
Haley Fox
Sound Designer: 
Madeline Blount
Costume Designer: 
Elisa Iturbe
Graphic Designer: 
Jacob Liberman
Props Master: 
Ryan McCarthy
Master Electrician: 
Umi­-Shakti Ausar­-Sahu
Technical Director: 
Katherine Rosenfeld
Member & Role: 
Hannah Cousins -­ Associate Producer
Davita Scarlett ­- Assistant Producer
Ying Sze Pek -­ Assistant Producer
Becky Bicks -­ Assistant Producer
Alice Walton ­- Assistant Producer
Joie Chen -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Eric Anderson -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Taylour Chang -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Tse Yang Lim -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Brendan Fitzpatrick ­- Assistant Technical Director
Elena Goldblatt ­- Makeup Artist
Kathryn Gonzales ­- Sets Crew
Daisy Long -­ Sets Crew
Blair Lanier ­- Sets Crew
John Wolff ­- Sets Crew
Peregrine Heard -­ Sets Crew
Gwynedd Davis ­- Sets Crew
Alexis Del Vecchio -­ Lights Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Alexandra Trow -­ Altagracia
Hannah Friedman -­ The Gloria
Andrew Ash -­ Mr. Ellis
Brian Earp -­ Beau
Steven Kochevar -­ Primitivo
Assistant Director: 
Emma Barash
Orchestra Member & Role: 
Abraham Wayman ­- Original Composer
Molly Rubenstein