Spring 2009
Experimental Production
Henrik Ibsen
Date of run: 
Thursday, February 19, 2009 (All day) to Saturday, February 21, 2009 (All day)
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Mrs. Helene Alving, a modern, enlightened woman, has done everything possible to free herself and her son from the poisonous influence of her departed husband and the stranglehold of traditional social mores. However, on the day in which she prepares to cleanse herself of his memory once and for all, a sudden eruption of dark secrets, perverse truths and deadly legacies threatens to tear her world apart. From some ghosts of the past, she finds, one can never be free. Ghosts is one of the most controversial plays in theater history, provoking uproar and heated debate from the time of its original production in 1881 to the present. It features five incredible characters ­­ purportedly some of the best roles in the modern theater. A nightmarish yet darkly comic play, Ghosts leaves no sordid stone unturned as it explores those intangible fears and inevitabilities which dog our every move as we live our lives.
Gary Jaffe
Gwynedd Davis
Stage Manager: 
Ava Tattelman Parnes
Lighting Designer: 
Lauren Bremen
Set Designer: 
Peregrine Heard
Sound Designer: 
Taylour Chang
Costume Designer: 
Elizabeth Palazzolo
Graphic Designer: 
Sam Tsui
Props Master: 
Davita Scarlett
Master Electrician: 
Marcus Parrish
Technical Director: 
Emmanuel Ramirez
Sound Engineer: 
Luke Kanter
Member & Role: 
Chloe Rossetti ­- Paint Charge
Eric Anderson ­- Assistant Lighting Designer
Hannah Cousins -­ Assistant Costume Designer
Catherine Schroeder ­- Assistant Producer
Rachel London ­- Assistant Producer
Doug Hummel­-Price -­ Assistant Producer
Daisy Long ­- Assistant Producer
Deborah Garcia ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Chaka Jaliwa -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Kyle Eichner -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Joshua Cantor-­Stone -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Maia Collier -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Jonah Quinn -­ Assistant Technical Director
David Martinez ­- Assistant Master Electrician
Victor Alquicira -­ Assistant Master Electrician
Daisy Long -­ Sets Crew
Doug Hummel­-Price ­- Sets Crew
Shahla Naimi -­ Sets Crew
Karen Yvon -­ Sets Crew
Julie Hersh -­ Lights Crew
Maya Seidler -­ Lights Crew
Megan Gilbert -­ Lights Crew
Jae Ryu -­ Lights Crew
Oren Stevens ­- Lights Crew
Susan Steinman -­ Lights Crew
Emma Griffin ­- Lights Crew
Gabriel Barcia ­- Costumes Crew
Jenny Werner -­ Costumes Crew
Peregrine Heard ­- Costumes Crew
Rachel Hansen -­ Costumes Crew
Karen Yvon -­ Costumes Crew
Rachel Sturm -­ Paint Crew
Victoria Rogers -­ Paint Crew
Oren Stevens -­ Paint Crew
Maia Collier -­ Paint Crew
Doug Hummel-­Price -­ Paint Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Erin Capistrano ­- Mrs. Helene Alving
Andrew Maillet -­ Osvald Alving
Lucas O'Connor -­ Pastor Manders
Will Turner -­ Engstrand
Jennifer Cohen ­- Regina Engstrand
Assistant Director: 
McKay Nield,
Alexandra Addison
Master Carpenter: 
Alex Hirsch
Megan Gilbert