The Dramat Board

Executive Board

The Executive Board is elected by the membership at semiannual elections. The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Special Events Coordinator, and Fall Mainstage Producer are elected in December. The Secretary, Production Officer, Marketing Director, and Spring Mainstage Producer are elected in May. The term of an Executive Board member is one year.

President: Collin Bentley, JE ‘19

The President is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Board and ensuring the effective functioning of all departments within the Association. She represents the Association in any negotiations with Yale University and runs all meetings of the Executive Board and of the Producing Membership.  

Vice President: Hershel Holiday, JE ‘18

The Vice President assists the President and conducts meetings in the absence of the President. She takes responsibility for all Association Correspondence, including that with the alumni, as well as being in charge of fundraising. 

 Secretary: Alexa Derman, BK ‘19

The Secretary takes minutes at all Board meetings. She is also responsible for the administration of all e-mail and membership lists, as well as for compiling and sending out the weekly Dramat Bulletin. The secretary is also responsible for many of the daily operations of the Dramat, including coordinating elections.

Alexa Derman is an English and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Major from what she likes to refer to as “The Greater New York Area.” (… It’s Jersey.) When not relishing in sending formal emails to subordinates, she enjoys passive aggressively humming “A Secretary Is Not A Toy,” sleeping at the Yale Women’s Center, and polishing her patriarchy-smashing hammer. 

Treasurer: Elle Buellesbach ‘19

The Treasurer is in charge of the Dramat’s finances. She runs financial strikes, writes and deposits checks, and does the Dramat’s taxes. She also creates yearly financial reports to track the Dramat’s costs and expenditures. 

Production Officer: Jacob Rodriguez, JE ‘18

The Production Officer is responsible for communication between the Dramat and the School of Drama and is also the primary liaison to the Technical Advisor. He is in charge of ensuring that all show activities are carried out safely and efficiently, and that all Drama School facilities and equipment are treated with the utmost care. He is in command during load-ins and strikes of all Dramat shows.

Jacob is a junior majoring in Economics and French. He is a Colorado native and a proud spider (JE SUX!). On the rare occasions when he is not in the theatre, he enjoys getting coffee, playing volleyball, and relaxing with friends. He is most often found sending snarky emails in the Dramat Office or napping on random couches around campus.

Marketing Director: Henry Townley, JE ‘19

The Marketing Director works with graphic designers to create posters, programs, and a signboard to advertise each Dramat show. He is also responsible for securing advertising contracts for programs. He coordinates with Yale and local media for advertising and reviews of Dramat shows.

Henry is a Sophomore in JE. He’ll probably never be able to decide on a major, but for now he’s leaning towards physics… or applied physics or math or electrical engineering or… Within the theater world Henry is mostly an actor although he dabbles in random production staff positions when duty calls.  Henry looks forward to singing, dark chocolate, winter and thunderstorms and tempting his roommate with sugary treats. He doesn’t like carrots.

Special Events Coordinator: Vimbai Ushe, JE ’19

The Special Events Coordinator organizes all of the extra events for the membership, such as the birthday party, membership dinner, and DRAMATalks. 

Fall Mainstage Producer: Adela DePavia, JE ’19

The Fall Mainstage Producer produces the biggest show of the fall semester. Her responsibilities include (in collaboration with the rest of the Executive Board) selection of the plays and hiring the professionals. She lines up the student staff and crew, organizes auditions, creates the budget, runs production meetings, and coordinates with the fire and safety inspectors. Ultimately, she makes sure that the show goes up on time, within the budget, and in the best form possible. 

Spring Mainstage Producer: Adam Lessing, MC ‘19

The Spring Mainstage Producer’s duties are essentially the same as those of the Fall Mainstage Producer. However, the Spring Mainstage is generally a straight play, and exceptional students are given the opportunity to design alongside the professional director and designers.

Adam is an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major from Baltimore, MD.  He enjoys scenic design, watching TV and movies with the subtitles on, and hating everything about halloween.  When not in the greenroom, he can be found working as a Design Editor for the Yale Record or getting coffee at KBT.  

Associate Board

The Associate Board is appointed by the Executive Board on an application basis. The term of an Associate Board member lasts one semester.