Creation of the World and Other Business

Fall 2008
Experimental Production
Arthur Miller
Date of run: 
Thursday, October 2, 2008 (All day) to Saturday, October 4, 2008 (All day)
Yale Repertory Theatre See map

The Creation of the World and Other Business is a parable inspired by the book of Genesis in the Bible, it explores the classic theme of good versus evil by way of a comedic retelling of the story of the creation of man (and woman). Miller’s God is powerful but lacks wisdom. He needs Adam and Eve to procreate, but doesn’t know how to entice them into starting the process. Onto the scene comes Lucifer, who believes the existence of evil will make sex exciting, a concept God eschews by tossing his black sheep angel into hell. The fallen one retaliates by presenting Eve with an apple — and the war begins. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Gabriel Seidman
John Wolff
Stage Manager: 
Gabriella Zeugin
Lighting Designer: 
Daisy Long
Set Designer: 
Kyle Briscoe
Sound Designer: 
Taylour Chang
Costume Designer: 
Claire Seaver
Graphic Designer: 
Jacob Liberman
Props Master: 
Martha Burson
Master Electrician: 
Blair Lanier
Technical Director: 
Katherine Rosenfeld
Sound Engineer: 
Luke Kanter
Member & Role: 
Micah Hendler - Composer
Arden Rogow-­Bales - Composer
Charlie Croom ­- Assistant Lighting Designer
Sofija Canavan ­- Assistant Costume Designer
Vivian Yee ­- Assistant Producer
McKay Nield ­- Assistant Producer
David Martinez ­- Assistant Producer
Vanessa Murphy -­ Assistant Producer
Lily Lamb­-Atkinson -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Alex Hirsch ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Jordan Marschke -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Jennifer Mosby ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Jordan Marschke -­ Light Board Operator
Emma Griffin -­ Sets Crew
Jonah Quinn ­- Sets Crew
Catherine Schroeder -­ Sets Crew
Alex Hirsch -­ Sets Crew
Noah Neal -­ Sets Crew
Joshua Cantor-­Stone -­ Sets Crew
Sofija Canavan ­- Sets Crew
Angela Londono Pardo -­ Sets Crew
John Greenawalt -­ Lights Crew
Kaley Sullivan -­ Lights Crew
Clara Lucio - Lights Crew
Jason Richey -­ Lights Crew
Cokey Cohen ­- Lights Crew
Bobby Foley -­ Lights Crew
Rachel Hansen -­ Lights Crew
David Martinez -­ Lights Crew
Gabrielle Karol -­ Make Up Artist
Veronica Gordon -­ Make Up Artist
Rachel Morgan ­- Make Up Artist
Sahar Omrani ­- Make Up Artist
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Joshua Silverstein -­ God
Emma Barash -­ Eve
Alex Klein -­ Adam
Austin Trow -­ Lucifer
Hunter Wolk -­ Cain
Jeremy Lloyd -­ Abel
Marina Keegan -­ Chemuel
Kalyan Ray-­Mazumder -­ Azrael
Edward Delman ­- Rafael
Assistant Director: 
Amy Rosenblum
Jacqueline Feldman