Spring 2010
Experimental Production
Matthew George
Date of run: 
Thursday, February 18, 2010 (All day) to Saturday, February 20, 2010 (All day)
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Nancy Worthington needs to survive her last night in her New York suburban home before moving to Abilene, Texas with her two children and mother. But as the night progresses, the legacy of Nancy’s recently deceased father and her daughter’s new boyfriend force them all to confront their own personal issues over a last supper filled with drugs, religion and the dysfunctions of trying to survive your own family.
Austin Trow
Martha Burson
Stage Manager: 
Jordan Marschke
Lighting Designer: 
Daisy Long
Set Designer: 
Rachel Sturm
Sound Designer: 
Luke Bradford
Costume Designer: 
Jenny Werner
Graphic Designer: 
Sam Tsui
Props Master: 
Maggie Cooper
Master Electrician: 
Charlie Croom
Technical Director: 
Emmanuel Ramirez
Member & Role: 
Matthew George ­- Playwright
Luke Kanter ­- Sound Advisor
Dan Schechner ­- Assistant Sound Designer/Engineer
Adela Jaffe -­ Assistant Producer
Nikola Champlin -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Briana Pigott -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Gary Jaffe ­- Lights Crew
Adela Jaffe -­ Light Board Operator
Emma Griffin ­- Sets Crew
Becca McGinn -­ Sets Crew
Caroline Minkus -­ Sets Crew
Peter Kaufman ­- Lights Crew
Jesse Kirkland -­ Lights Crew
Jeffrey Star -­ Lights Crew
Josh Stein -­ Sound Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Keith Rubin ­- Tom
Jamie Biondi ­- Patrick
Tessa Williams ­- Arlene
Katharine Pitt ­- Nancy
Amy Rosenblum ­- Nicole
Assistant Director: 
David Demres