A Chorus Line

Spring 2015
Commencement Musical
Marvin Hamlisch, Edward Kleban, James Kirkwood, Jr. and Nicholas Dante
Date of run: 
Friday, May 15, 2015 - 8:00pm to Sunday, May 17, 2015 - 8:30pm
University Theatre See map
222 York Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Why do we do the things we do? What sacrifices are we willing to make for the things we care about? What are the stakes?

From tape recorded sessions with real dancers emerged this Pulitzer Prize-winning musical that explores the deepest levels of personal motivation. Like the performers in A Chorus Line, we all have dreams that come to define who we are. We all make choices that come with costs. We all look for our own music and our own mirrors.

Join us on Commencement Weekend as we tell the stories of these chorus line dancers, and learn about our own in the process.


5/15/2015: 8:00PM
5/16/2015: 2:00PM & 8:00PM
5/17/2015: 8:30PM

Anya Markowitz
Skyler Ross
Stage Manager: 
Gabriella Heifetz
Musical Director: 
Philip Jameson
Lighting Designer: 
Harry Shamansky
Set Designer: 
Hannah Friedman
Sound Designer: 
Danielle Lotridge
Costume Designer: 
Cara Washington
Graphic Designer: 
Evelyn Robertson
Props Master: 
Lizzy Emanuel
Master Electrician: 
Ava Hunt
Technical Director: 
Margaret Gleberman
Sound Engineer: 
Joel Abbott
Member & Role: 
Head Rigger - Kevin Sullivan
Head Rigger - Paul Styslinger
Paint Charge - Susannah Krapf
Props Designer - Brooke Lamell
Associate Master Electrician - Jill Carrera
Associate Technical Director - Jae Shin
Assistant Choreographer - Eliza Dach
Assistant Producer - Billy Cavell
Assistant Producer - Jessenia Khalyat
Assistant Producer - Steffina Yuli
Assistant Stage Manager - Andrew Schmidt
Assistant Stage Manager - Sabine Decatur
Assistant Stage Manager - Donald Woodson
Assistant Stage Manager - Erica Wachs
Assistant Lighting Designer - Rayer Ma
Assistant Master Electrician - Danielle Derlein
Assistant Technical Director - Lidiya Kukova
Assistant Costume Designer - Isabel Mendia
Sound Crew - Chris Homburger
Sound Crew - Dave Harris
Sound Crew - Nick Friedlander
Sound Crew - Joe Haberman
Sets Crew - Grace Chiang
Sets Crew - Ryan Reza
Sets Crew - Katherine Li
Sets Crew - Robert Loweth
Sets Crew - Caroline Francisco
Sets Crew - Kellee Richards
Sets Crew - Seth Lifland
Sets Crew - Geoffrey Smith
Sets Crew - Erin Hebert
Sets Crew - Jonathan Rush
Sets Crew - Zoot Garbasz
Sets Crew - John Roethle
Sets Crew - Michelle Lapadula
Sets Crew - Stephanie Adcock
Sets Crew - Ryan Simpson
Sets Crew - Ariel Murphy
Sets Crew - Elizah Stein
Sets Crew - Filip Babalievsky
Lights Crew - Laurence Li
Lights Crew - Levi Gray
Lights Crew - Elaine Zhang
Lights Crew - Sophia Eller
Lights Crew - Lucas Riccardi
Lights Crew - Jon Terry
Lights Crew - Paige Cunningham
Lights Crew - Crystal Liu
Lights Crew - Peter Gray
Lights Crew - Lauren Tucker
Actor / Actress & Role: 
ZACH - Simone Policano
ALAN DELUCA - Solon Snider
BOBBY MILLS - Nathaniel Dolquist
DON KERR - Miles Walter
MARK ANTHONY - Dillon Miller
MIKE COSTA - Simon Schaitkin
PAUL SAN MARCO - Christian Probst
RICHIE WALTERS - Carter Michael
CASSIE FERGUSON - Rebecca Brudner
CONNIE MCKENZIE - Michelle Fogarty
DIANA MORALES - Erika Anclade
JUDY TURNER - Marianna Gailus
MAGGIE WINSLOW - Emma Hathaway
SHEILA BRYANT - Lauren Modiano
VALERIE CLARK - Sarah Chapin
LARRY - Jillian Kravatz
Assistant Director: 
Sarah Cohen
Orchestra Member & Role: 
Jacob Neis, Alec Mukamal, Mike Hoot, Catherine Lacy, Ellie Handler, Liam Arnade-Colwill, Adé Ben-Salahuddin, Max Vinetz, Levi Gray, Joseph Cornett
Eleanor Slota
Gracie White