Bunkerville: A Post-Apocalyptic Musical

Spring 2011
Commencement Musical
Brendan Ternus and Mark Sonnenblick
Date of run: 
Friday, May 20, 2011 (All day) to Sunday, May 22, 2011 (All day)
University Theater See map
For the first time in over 25 years, an original, student-­written comedy will be the Dramat’s Commencement Musical. Bunkerville follows the story of a hapless newspaper editor who lives in an underground city in the aftermath of nuclear conflict. By a few bizarre twists of fate, he finds himself outside and forced to fend for himself among mutants, Mother Earth cults, and other denizens of the post­-apocalyptic world. Along the way, he finds love, loss, and what might be the last unexploded nuclear bomb.
“Bunkerville” premiered at Yale last year in Saybrook College with the help of a Sudler grant. It has been revised and reworked to a larger scale and offers a unique, sometimes absurdist, commentary on our future and past. Some fog effects, gunshots, and mild profanity.
Charlie Polinger
Nikola Champlin
Stage Manager: 
Melissa Cail
Musical Director: 
Ben Wexler
Stephen Feigenbaum
Lighting Designer: 
Zoe LaPalombara
Set Designer: 
Zeke Blackwell
Sound Designer: 
Stephen Marsh
Costume Designer: 
Bea Koch
Graphic Designer: 
Max Pommier
Props Master: 
Denice Cox
Master Electrician: 
Amelia Urry
Technical Director: 
Autumn VonPlinsky,
Jennifer Matichuk
Sound Engineer: 
Stuart Teal
Member & Role: 
Molly Houlahan ­- Hair/Make­up
Meredith Davis ­- Head Rigger
Iva Velickovic -­ Head Rigger
Marjorie Berman -­ Paint Charge
Emma Hills -­ Associate Stage Manager
Mark Sonnenblick ­- Associate Music Director
Hillary Luong -­ Associate Master Electrician
Naomi Woo ­- Associate Conductor
Christine Shaw -­ Dance Captain
Margaret Ditre - ­Assistant Set Designer
Maria Altyeva -­ Assistant Lighting Designer
Miranda Lewis ­- Assistant Costume Designer
Ryan Bowers ­- Assistant Hair/Make­up
Katharine Pitt -­ Assistant Producer
Josh Stein -­ Assistant Producer
Briana Pigott -­ Assistant Producer
Cole Florey -­ Assistant Producer
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Raphael Shapiro -­ Dagger
Sarah Rosen -­ Ellen
Mike Young ­- Steve
Gabe Greenspan -­ Pete
Jamie Biondi ­- Harold/Barney
Carol Crouch ­- Meg
Laurel Durning-­Hammond -­ Joyce
Rich Gilliland -­ Brian
Courtney Grafton -­ Carrie
Marina Keegan -­ Victoria
Elias Kleinbock -­ Darius McCabe
Michael Rosen ­- Jacques
Chandler Rosenthal -­ Linda
Tom Sanchez ­- Newcomb/Arnold
Julie Shain -­ Jasmine
Danny Victorio -­ Conrad
Assistant Director: 
Ethan Karetsky
Connor Lounsbury
Orchestra Member & Role: 
Will Hutchinson ­ Drums,
Will Moritz -­ Guitar,
Ariel Borensztein ­- Keyboard,
Zach Simao ­- Drums,
Wells Andres ­- Orchestra,
Qiwei Xue -­ Orchestra,
Paulina Haduong ­- Orchestra,
Geoffry Litt ­- Orchestra,
Lucia Woo ­- Orchestra,
Victor Wang -­ Orchestra,
Grace Patuwo -­ Orchestra,
Nathaniel Meyer -­ Orchestra,
Nathan Prillaman -­ Orchestra,
Andi Zhou ­- Orchestra,
Chase Young -­ Orchestra,
Emily Massey -­ Orchestra
Michael Rosen