Book of Days

Spring 2005
Freshman Show
Lanford Wilson
Date of run: 
Thursday, February 17, 2005 (All day) to Saturday, February 19, 2005 (All day)
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A modern drama revolving around tragedy in a small town, Book of Days examines themes of betrayal, religious fervor, misguided justice, and regret. As the chorus relates the escalating fragmentation of the community, the narration fluidly moves backwards and forwards in time.

Susie Kemple
Reed Abrahamson
Stage Manager: 
Liam Andrew
Lighting Designer: 
Anya Kaplan-Seem
Set Designer: 
Maddy Blount
Sound Designer: 
Austin Woerner
Costume Designer: 
Alice Shyy
Props Master: 
Edward Dunar
Master Electrician: 
Alex Hemmer
Technical Director: 
Maddie Gelblum
Sound Engineer: 
Ted Gordon
Member & Role: 
Jessica Bian - Assistant Producer
Meg Howard - Assistant Producer
Sean Bland - Assistant Producer
Katherine Miller - Assistant Producer
David Pratt-Robson - Assistant Producer
Su Yin Tan - Assistant Producer
Andrew Gomez - Assistant Stage Manager
J. Alex Johnson - Assistant Stage Manager
Esther Molnar - Assistant Technical Director
David Rawson - Assistant Technical Director
Eve Burstein - Assistant Master Electrician
Ian Tattersall - Light Board Operator
Katherine Miller - Sound Board Operator
Ken Hui - Lighting Crew
Joseph Larese - Lighting Crew
Nana-Aba Nduom - Lighting Crew
Abigail Coplin - Lighting Crew
Katherine Miller - Lighting Crew
Ian Tattersall - Lighting Crew
Jonathan Dach - Lighting Crew
Sean Bland - Sets Crew
Eric Bloom - Sets Crew
Miya Cain - Sets Crew
Laura Edwards - Sets Crew
Freya Pitts - Sets Crew
Betny Townsend - Sets Crew
Alice Wang - Costumes Crew
Lily Rothman - Costumes Crew
Gabriel Diaz - Sound Crew
Katherine Miller - Sound Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Marty Rod - Boyd
Bix Bettwy - Earl
Christine Garver - Ginger Reed
Alexander Newman-Wise - James
Paul Spera - Len Hoch
Iris Insogna - Lou Ann
Eleanor Liu - Martha
Brian Hauss - Reverend Groves
Jenny Nissel - Ruth Hoch
Cara Bonewitz - Sharon
Jon Connolly - Sheriff Atkins
Emmett Zackheim - Walt
Assistant Director: 
Neal Ubriani
Nancy Liang