Arcadia Popular

April 3 at 8pm
April 4 at 8pm
April 5 at 2pm and 8pm
The Iseman Theater

A Romantic comedy about sex, literature, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Widely regarded as one of the best plays of the last fifty years, Arcadia takes place in an English country house in the present and two hundred years ago, alternating between the timelines. As the people in the present try to figure out what happened in the past, we see how impossible it is to truly know anything. Full of allusions to everyone from the Greeks to Byron to Einstein, Arcadiais a deeply smart play with a tender heart at its core.


Thomasina - Eliza Hopkins
Septimus - Simon Schaitkin
Jellaby - Michaela Murphy
Chater - William Viederman
Noakes - Alex Cadena
Lady Croom - Ginna Doyle
Captain Brice - Jae Shin
Hannah - Marianna Gailus
Chloë - Eleanor Slota
Bernard - Taylor Rogers
Valentine - Gian-Paul Bergeron
Gus/Augustus - Greg Suralik

Production Staff

Director - Zachary Elkind
Producer - Alison Mosier-Mills
Stage Manager - Margaret Gleberman
Set Designer - Hannah Friedman
Lighting Designer - Al Nurani
Sound Designer - Xinyuan Chen
Costume Designer - Molly Williams
Technical Director - Ryan Reza
Master Electrician - Ava Hunt
Sound Engineer - Julian Hornik
Dramaturg - Adam Echelman
Choreographer - Eliza Dach
Diction Coach - Stephanie Addenbrooke
Graphic Designer - Lining Wang
Associate Technical Director - Lidiya Kukova

Listing Details

Date of run
April 3-5
Spring 2014
Freshman Show
Iseman Theater

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