Spring 2010
Mainstage Production
Tom Stoppard
Date of run: 
Wednesday, April 14, 2010 (All day) to Saturday, April 17, 2010 (All day)
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Arcadia is set in Sidley Park, an English country house, in the years 1809-­1812 and 1993, juxtaposing the activities of two modern scholars and the house’s current residents with the lives of those who lived there 180 years earlier.
In 1809, Thomasina Coverly, the daughter of the house, is a precocious teenager with ideas about mathematics well ahead of her time. She studies with her tutor, Septimus Hodge, a friend of Lord Byron (who is an unseen guest in the house). In 1989, a writer and an academic converge on the house: Hannah Jarvis, the writer, is investigating a hermit who once lived on the grounds; Bernard Nightingale, a professor of literature, is investigating a mysterious chapter in the life of Byron. As their investigations unfold, helped by Valentine Coverly, a post­graduate student in mathematical biology, the truth about what happened in 1809 is gradually revealed.
Summary courtesy of
Tamara Fisch
Oren Stevens
Stage Manager: 
Rachel London
Lighting Designer: 
Daisy Long
Set Designer: 
Tim McMath
Sound Designer: 
Sharath Patel
Costume Designer: 
Melissa Trn
Graphic Designer: 
Sam Tsui
Props Master: 
Maggie Cooper
Master Electrician: 
Martha Burson
Technical Director: 
John Wolff
Sound Engineer: 
Luke Bradford,
Dan Schechner
Member & Role: 
Luke Kanter ­- Sound Advisor
Gwynedd Davis ­- Head Rigger
Zach Appelman ­- Dialect Coach
Maggie Gray -­ Paint Charge
Jourdan Urbach -­ Composer
Amelia Urry -­ Assistant Lighting Designer
Rosalind Diaz ­- Assistant Costume Designer
Stephen Marsh -­ Assistant Sound Designer
Cecily Sackey -­ Assistant Producer
Mimi Wu -­ Assistant Producer
Clyde Edwards -­ Assistant Producer
Colin Murphy -­ Assistant Producer
Maia Collier -­ Assistant Producer
Adela Jaffe -­ Assistant Producer (Sets)
Samantha Hansen -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Derek DiMartini ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Jeffrey Star -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Lily Lewis­McNeil -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Nikola Champlin ­- Assistant Technical Director
Zeke Blackwell ­- Assistant Technical Director
Zoe LaPalombara -­ Assistant Master Electrician
Julie Hersh ­- Assistant Master Electrician
Marcus Parrish -­ Assistant Master Electrician
Becky Bicks ­- Assistant Dramaturg
Rebecca McGinn - Sets Crew
Lara Boyle - Sets Crew
Andrea Freeburg - Sets Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Willa Fitzgerald -­ Thomasina Coverly
Brian Earp ­- Septimus Hodge
Jesse Williams ­- Jellaby
Alex Kramer -­ Ezra Chater
Jason Perlman ­- Richard Noakes
Allison Collins -­ Lady Croom
Jamie Biondi ­- Capt. Brice
Danielle Frimer ­- Hannah Jarvis
Allison Williams -­ Chloe Coverly
Miles Jacoby -­ Bernard Nightingale
Austin Trow -­ Valentine Coverly
Gabe Bloomfield -­ Gus/Augustus Coverly
Assistant Director: 
Leah Osterman
Orchestra Member & Role: 
Sarah Hirsch -­ Piano,
Jacob Paul -­ Piano,
Nathan Prillaman ­- Piano,
Jonathan Macmillan ­- Viola,
Georgia Lill ­- Cello,
Jourdan Urbach -­ Violin, Guitar
Sage Snider