Fall 2010
Experimental Production
Jean Anouilh
Date of run: 
Thursday, September 30, 2010 (All day) to Saturday, October 2, 2010 (All day)
Yale Repertory Theatre See map
In the wake of the power struggle between his late nephews, Creon is left to fill the vacant throne of Thebes and establish order in a nation tainted by its former king’s transgressions and ravaged by civil war. As his first act, he decrees that only one of the brothers’ bodies may receive a proper burial; the other is left to putrefy out in the open, to be picked apart by animals. Anyone who dares to bury the body will be condemned to death. What Creon does not anticipate is that the person to defy him will be another one of Oedipus’ children: his niece, Antigone.
Anouilh finally tells the ancient story of Antigone as it was meant to be told, where lofty ideas and poetry take a backseat to the deeply visceral, human tragedy of people brought to their lowest: “And when the weight of all of heaven is on your back, all you can do is cry out. And I don’t mean moan or whine or whimper, I mean really cry out, really heave your guts to heaven.”
Leah Osterman
Meredith Davis
Stage Manager: 
Melissa Cail
Lighting Designer: 
Zoe LaPalombara
Set Designer: 
Oren Stevens
Sound Designer: 
Luke Bradford
Costume Designer: 
Carson Evans
Graphic Designer: 
Autumn VonPlinsky
Props Master: 
Lara Boyle
Master Electrician: 
David Martinez
Technical Director: 
Nikola Champlin
Sound Engineer: 
Josh Stein
Member & Role: 
Jourdan Urbach ­- Sound Consultant
Charlie Polinger ­- Artistic Consultant
Rachel London ­- Head Rigger
Marjorie Berman ­- Paint Charge
Emily Cooley -­ Composer
Hillary Luong -­ Assistant Lighting Designer
Willi Reichler -­ Assistant Producer
Allegra Krasznekewicz ­- Assistant Producer
Sara Hendel ­- Assistant Producer
Emily Miller -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Wo-jtek Osowiecki ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Rebecca Miller ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Iva Velickovic -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Hillary Luong -­ Sets Crew
Jennifer Matichuk ­- Sets Crew
Abeer Obaid ­ Sets Crew
Devon Balicki ­- Sets Crew
Andrew Kahn -­ Sets Crew
Larissa Pham -­ Sets Crew
Max Pommier -­ Sets Crew
Andrew Freeburg -­ Sets Crew
Olivia Schwob -­ Sets Crew
Margaret Ditre -­ Sets Crew
Margot Mellette -­ Sets Crew
Larissa Pham -­ Paint Crew
Olivia Schwob -­ Paint Crew
Olivia Schwob -­ Paint Crew
Margot Mellette - Paint Crew
Helen McCreary ­ Sound Crew
Christine Shaw ­- Costumes Crew
Anne Dailey ­- Costumes Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Laurel Durning­-Hammond -­ Antigone
Hunter Wolk ­- Creon
Mitchel Kawash ­- Prologue
Christopher Bakes ­- Head Guard
Elias Kleinbock -­ Haemon
Olivia Scicolone -­ Ismene
Molly Houlahan -­ Nurse
Austin Trow ­- Messenger
Connor Lounsbury ­- Guard
Ryan Bowers ­- Guard
Kate Heaney -­ Page
Helen Morris -­ Eurydice
Assistant Director: 
Jordan Ascher,
Rebecca Aston
Sage Snider