Angels in America: Millennium Approaches

Spring 2008
Mainstage Production
Tony Kushner
Date of run: 
Wednesday, April 16, 2008 (All day) to Saturday, April 19, 2008 (All day)
University Theater See map
“Angels in America is the finest drama of our time, speaking to us of an entire era of life and death as no other play within memory. In its sweep and imagination, it defines the collapse of a moral universe during the Reagan years in an unforgettable way, transcending its specific time in the richness of its portrait of an America Lost, perhaps to be regained. Mr. Kushner’s epic sense of loss and betrayal and longed­-for saving grace amounts to a fantastic journey of the heart and mind crying out against the disintegration of tolerance and cities and certain, eternal dreams…It ranks as nothing less than one of the greatest plays of the twentieth century.” ­ John Heilpern, New York Observer
Jonathan Silverstein
Rachel Sturm
Stage Manager: 
Eleni Christidis
Lighting Designer: 
Josh Bradford
Set Designer: 
Dana Williams
Sound Designer: 
Liam Andrew
Costume Designer: 
Brent Barkhaus
Props Master: 
Davita Scarlett
Technical Director: 
Bryan Hunter
Member & Role: 
Gabriella Zeugin -­ Head Rigger
Amanda Vandenberg -­ Assistant Producer (Paints)
Gwynedd Davis ­- Assistant Producer (Sets)
Hannah Cousins -­ Assistant Set Designer
Lauren Bremen ­- Assistant Master Carpenter
Rachel Hansen -­ Assistant Light Designer
Sean Owczarek -­ Assistant Sound Designer
Andrew Maillet ­- Assistant Sound Designer
John Wolff ­- Assistant Technical Director
Daisy Long -­ Assistant Master Electrician
Victor Alquicira -­ Assistant Master Electrician
Sarah Mich -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Martha Burson -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Ava Tattelman Parnes ­- Assistant Stage Manager
Katherine Archibald -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Olivia Martinez -­ Assistant Stage Manager
Julie Hersh -­ Lights Crew
Valerie Cervantes -­ Lights Crew
Anya Kaplan­-Seem -­ Lights Crew
Alex Hemmer -­ Lights Crew
Juan Jose Pedroza -­ Lights Crew
Eva Bitran -­ Lights Crew
Emily Howell ­- Lights Crew
Lauren Bremen -­ Lights Crew
Elizabeth Rodrick ­- Costumes Crew
Claire Seaver -­ Costumes Crew
Ashley Rodbro -­ Sets Crew
Eric Sauerhoff ­- Sound Crew
Ian Walker -­ Sound Crew
Peregrine Heard ­- Paint Crew
Robin Lenahan -­ Paint Crew
Janna Avner ­- Paint Crew
Julia Atkinson ­- Paint Crew
Ying Sze Pek -­ Paint Crew
Edith Sangueza ­- Paint Crew
Actor / Actress & Role: 
Matthew McCollum -­ Roy M. Cohn
Bobby Allen ­- Joseph Porter Pitt
Carly Zien -­ Harper Amaty Pitt
Andrew Ash ­- Louis Ironson
Steven Kochevar ­- Prior Walter
Danielle Frimer ­- Hannah Porter Pitt
Jay Frisby -­ Belize
Umi­-Shakti Ausar-­Sahu -­ The Angel